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Best Underwater Camera For Scuba Diving | Buyer’s Guide

The greatest underwater photography tips start with finding the Best underwater camera For Scuba Diving. Depending on what kind of underwater photography you are looking to get into, you’ll need the right kind of equipment to get you started. Although, you don’t need a secondary camera just for scuba diving as long as you get the appropriate housing.

If action shots and videography is something you are more likely to get into whilst scuba diving, make sure you take a look at our 10 best action cameras for scuba diving. Otherwise, if macro life and amazing still photography is more your style stick around for the best underwater cameras currently on the market.

GoPro HERO 6: Best GoPro underwater camera

As they are built to last and can survive, with or without additional housing, action cameras make for natural dive cameras. Making them among the best dive cameras for beginners as well, action cameras are also cheap, ubiquitous, and quite easy to GoPro HERO 6: Best GoPro underwater camerause. 

The best action cameras in the business are currently made by GoPro. Today, the company simply generates some of the most attempted, most credible, and most useful action cameras. Our beloved model is GoPro HERO 6 as it generates fabulous videos and prices little these days. 

The GoPro HERO 6 improves upon the older HERO 5’s optical quality. Videos that look absolutely superb can be recorded in 4k at a stunning 60 fps. Colours are richer and dynamic range is slowly catching up to many larger cameras. It is combined with electronic image stabilization. The images and videos captured are sure to be extra crisp.


  • Where the app turns it into a quick story an awesome edited videoHero6 black automatically sends your footage to your phone 
  • With 4k60 and 1080p240 video
  •  Hero6 Black delivers 2x the performance when compared to Hero5 black
  • It is advanced with an all-new GP1 chip for GoPro capture. 
  • Hero6 Black delivers vastly improved image quality
  • Whether it’s handheld or mounted to your gear, Hero6 Black is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without housing with our most advanced video stabilization
  • Hero6 Black captures super smooth footage
  • Now featuring touch zoom and an updated UI
  • To frame shots, change settings and playback footage, The 2-inch display makes it easy 
  • Featuring 5ghz wi fi
  • 3x faster than with Hero5 black,  you can copy photos and videos over to your phone 
  • The battery life may temporarily shorten or the camera may result in temporarily stop working properly due to low or high weather conditions. 

Olympus Tough TG-5: Best cheap underwater camera

The Olympus Tough TG-5 is the best dive camera for beginners, without any question. Let us thank its excellent image quality, powerful build, and exceptional characteristics that are very helpful for underwater use. Olympus doubled down and also made Olympus Tough TG-5 | Best cheap underwater camerathe Olympus TG-5 and extremely affordable camera – less than $500Not to settle though! We have also named it the best budget dive camera for this reason.

The Olympus Tough TG-5 is constructed like a tank at first. This rugged compact camera is shockproof, freeze proof, and fully waterproof up to 50ft. This is the ideal deep rating, to begin with, for snorkelers or novice divers, who are going no deeper than 45 feet to start out with. A separate housing can be done by those who want to go deeper.

The Olympus Tough TG-5 has a smaller 1/2.3” sensor for taking pretty good photos in the right condition. It will not handle dimly situations very well and images will degrade quickly as ISO increases.


  • 12MP BSI 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
  • TruePic VIII Image Processor
  • 25-100mm (35mm Equivalent)Olympus 4x Optical Zoom f/2 Lens
  • Waterproof, Crushproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof & Dustproof 3.0″ 460k-Dot LCD Monitor
  • 4K30p Video Recording and Full HD at 120-fps
  • Built-In Wi-Fi is present
  • GPS facility is available 
  • Includes Field Sensor System
  • ISO 12800 and Up to 20 fps Shooting
  • Pro Capture Mode 
  • Variable Macro System

SeaLife DC2000: Best Scuba Diving Camera for Beginner

The SeaLife is another rugged compact and is a decent alternative to the Olympus Tough TG-5. This camera is tough, takes good photos, and is backed up by a large accessory library of wet lenses and strobes. If you’re a dedicated diver and are looking for a SeaLife DC2000: Best Scuba Diving Camera for Beginnercamera that’s ready to go almost directly out of the box, the SeaLife DC2000 is worth considering.

Even if SeaLife is not a major photographic company, the DC2000 performs surprisingly well and is as good as many other compacts in its class. Images are crisp and clear. Its images are of good resolution because of its 20 Mp 1” sensor.  At higher ISOs, noise is a problem.

A fixed 31mm-equivalent with a generous f/1.8 aperture is it is built- in-lens This fast aperture helps with dimly-lit situations. The DC2000, regretfully, doesn’t handle well most of the time.

Some shooters also complain about the lack of zoom. But it’s a preference than a necessity. There are plenty of additional wet lenses that you can look into in order to widen or narrow the FOV.

The DC2000 has excellent build-quality – being waterproof up to 60 ft without a case and 200ft with one – but suffers most notably from frustrating controls. The physical buttons are sometimes unresponsive and the in-camera menus are very confusing to navigate through. Those who have been using DSLRs for a while may find this camera to be somewhat backward and a bit ridiculous to use sometimes.


  •  for sharp, stunning stills and videos, ONY® 1″ back-illuminated 20MP CMOS image sensor
  • 4 underwater shooting modes with built-in color correction are provided.
  • 25 Land Scene modes for various shooting environments
  • Full 1080p 60fps HD video with picture-in-video capture
  • From F1.8 to F11 in 0.3 stop increments are optional manual controls.

Intova X2 underwater camera for scuba diving

The Intova X2 is regarded as one of the best and popular waterproof cameras. It is a really best option for divers at a lower price.

The camera is able to capture from depths of around 330 feet, with very few issues in low light environments. It takes HD video at Intova X2 underwater camera for scuba diving1080P and 60FPS, and pictures at 16 MP. It also features a 170-degree wide-angle lens, a two-inch LCD screen, and zoom of up to 60x!

For those that want to mount the device, it comes with a universal 1/4-20 mounting socket. Tripods and other common mounts will be attached to this socket. For making it great for selfies, or other fun photos underwater, the camera also has a self-timer in it. Battery life is expected to receive almost 2 hours of use per charge


  •  For use in any environment, including low-light evening and night settings, a waterproof action camera with built-in 150-lumen flash or video light
  • The camera is waterproof to 330 feet and has HD video resolution at 60fps to 1080P and photo resolution to 16MP
  • WiFi connects to smartphones or tablets for remote operation of most functions, live viewing, and direct interaction with social media
  • A lens with 170-degree wide-angle; 2-Inch LCD screen acts as both a viewfinder and playback monitor; Digital Zoom to 60x is available
  • Includes rechargeable lithium-ion battery, float strap, anti-glare hood, and micro USB cable; uses Micro SD card (not included); 1-year warranty.

Sony A7R III– Best Professional Underwater Camera 

A high resolution 42.4 MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor is present in the A7R III. Extra-ordinary shooting speeds at up to 10 fps is featured in this. It is having an evolutionary leap in image processing power and efficiency with full Sony A7R III- Best Professional Underwater Camera AF/AE tracking. This product is of 4K HDR video quality. Wide 15 stop dynamic range and high sensitivity with noise reduction of almost a full stop are also present in this. Its Lens Compatibility Sony E mount lenses and Aspect Ratio: 3:2.It is a great contribution to the world of photography.


  • PRODIGIOUS DETAIL: With continuous, accurate AF/AE tracking, it shoots high-speed subjects at up to 10fps
  • IDEAL LIGHT: More light is collected by A Back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with a gapless on-chip lens. Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • QUICKER IMAGE PROCESSING: Processing of Image speeds up to 1.8x is boosted by an updated BIONZ X processing engine
  • MAGNIFICENT HD VIDEO: Clear 4K video for editing and viewing is recorded by Sony Alpha 7R 3 mirrorless camera. Bluetooth Standard Version. 4.1 (2.4GHz band)
  • Power cord, charger, cable protector, shoulder strap, body/shoe caps, eyepiece cup. Metering Type:1200 zone evaluative metering is included in the pack
  • Firmware updates are made available for this product.

Buyer’s Guide to Underwater camera for scuba diving

  • Compacts vs. Interchangeable Lens Cameras for Underwater Photography

    Which kind of digital underwater camera should one buy? Which is the best underwater camera? There are compact cameras, mirrorless, and DSLRs each with their own pros and cons.

    Compact cameras have one attached lens while both mirrorless and DSLRs use interchangeable lenses. Many people consider switching to a mirrorless or a DSLR after shooting with a compact underwater camera. The noticeable advantage is the lens choices that could be interchanged.

    This is a significant difference that limits the flexibility of a compact camera, although wet lenses can help bridge this distance to some extent. With contrastive focal lengths and worthier image quality from superior optics and a larger sensor, you would have more flexibility. Interchangeable lens cameras also consist of presided shutter lag and desirable focusing capability.

    These are huge advantages. Shooting with a DSLR is quite a joy and very few people regret changing. However, a compact camera in the right hands can sometimes take shots that rival a DSLR shot.

  • How To Select Underwater Camera For Scuba Diving: 

Target Users 

  • New underwater photographers wanting an easy point-and-shoot camera with growth potential. 
  • Advanced underwater photographers wanting a compact camera solution.

Camera Feature Requirements 

  • Great to excellent image quality. 
  • When used topside, a camera must be compact and lightweight.
  • A camera must be point-and-shoot easy and should offer intermediate to advanced controls.
  • Wide-angle potential must be offered by underwater housing

  • Wide Angle Lenses

    Many compact cameras are unsupported with underwater wide-angle lenses. A 5X or greater zoom lens is highlighted by most of these cameras. Long zoom lenses require underwater housings designs with long lens ports whereas wide-angle lenses might be attractive for topside photography.

    Accessory wide-angle lenses must mount to the end of these ports and suffer from severe vignetting (dark corners) when the camera is zoomed out. You can zoom in the camera lens to clip out the dark corners, but an extreme zoom will negate any benefit of using a wide-angle lens. Great wide-angle lens solutions by the original manufacturer or a high-quality third-party solution are offered by our compact camera finalists in this review 

  • Slave TTL

    Strobes In recent years strobe manufacturers have developed an automatic exposure system called slave TTL. When set to slave TTL mode, the underwater strobe simply mimics the camera’s built-in flash to produce an automatic strobe exposure. While no automatic system will yield perfect results 100% of the time, this system works reasonably well and can help someone who is just starting out to get some good shots on their first few times using a camera underwater.

    Understanding how TTL systems work, how to judge exposures, and working within a camera system’s limitations will be a photographer’s best tool for creating the perfect photograph.

  • Video
    The video capabilities of compact cameras have evolved from a novelty to the level of those that can rival primary video cameras. Many of the cameras in our lineup creates a video that is surprisingly amazing for the price of the camera. Some of these cameras can now be a preferred choice for a video shooter over a dedicated video system like a ‘Handycam’ or ‘camcorder’ style camera.

    Now that most compact cameras offer advanced video features – like focus peaking and zebra striping – that are normally only found in pro-level video systems, an underwater shooter can really use one compact system without considerable arrangement to capture both video and photo. All but one of the cameras in this review is capable of shooting 4K videos.

  • Custom White Balance
    Getting an accurate custom white balance is crucial for the shooting of a good-looking underwater video. A custom white balance is a user telling the camera what area of the picture is white and the camera building the rest of the colours off of that baseline input. When shooting at depth, some colours are filtered out by water.

    Correct white balance helps to bring back the filtered colours and gives the video a natural look. Even when using a colour correction filter such as a Magic Filter, a custom white balance setting can yield superior results.

    Unfortunately, getting an accurate white balance is not a given on a compact camera. On some cameras it is a complex process, on others, an exact reading is not even possible underwater. Choosing a camera that makes it easy to get an accurate reading is essential if you’re planning to use it for shooting video.

    We gave additional points to cameras that have an easy to set an accurate white balance. White balance in the video is so critical in natural light shooting that it is more important than what video resolution or frame rate the camera is capable of. The best resolution doesn’t matter if the colours look bad.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: what is the best underwater camera

  • GoPro HERO 6 is the best Action Camera for Scuba Diving 
  •  Olympus Tough TG-5 is the best Budget Dive Camera for Beginners 
  •  Panasonic LX100 is the best Compact Dive Camera
  • Sony Alpha A6000 is the best Mid Range Dive Camera 
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 is the best Underwater Video Camera
  • Sony A7R III is the best Professional Underwater Camera