Buyer’s Guide to Best Spy Camera For Bathroom

Buyer’s Guide to Best Spy Camera For Bathroom

In recent years with the development of fun and functional new Spy Camera For Bathroom designs, home video security has taken great steps. For decades dreams and jokes about hiding a James Bond-style secret spy camera in your hat, your jacket button, even your potted begonia, the modern spy camera is the realization. 

The perfect solution is the miniature bullet hole camera. Now you can install this real-life, high-tech spy camera device almost anywhere you can imagine– and your visitors will be none the wiser. Catch them in the act!

You can stop wondering and get answers with a carefully positioned hidden camera. Unfortunately, a lot of places are not left for hiding a Spy Camera For Bathroom. You need something easy to conceal if you want the camera to remain hidden. 

For remote monitoring of the bathroom, you may even want a camera with WiFi connectivity. I have created a list of the top contenders for the best spy camera for a bathroom to help find the perfect solution.

KAMRE 1080P Portable Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera For Bathroom

This Spy Camera For Bathroom has a 1920 × 1080 video resolution. Its size is very small and therefore can be easily hidden and carried. In KAMRE 1080P Portable DIY Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera Bathroomsomeplace that will be unnoticeable, it can be easily placed in the pocket or hidden. After the camera is connected to your home at 2.4 GHz WiFi. When you leave home, no matter where you are, as long as your phone has a network, you can open the app to watch the video remotely.

THas Night Vision Function and is the only camera of that sort available in the market. Even in the night with 6 pcs invisible IR lights, you can see faces and some details. With it, you can secretly monitor your home, office or anywhere you want to covert. But note, Audio is not included due to Federal Law.


  • Has Night Vision Function and is the only camera of that sort available in the market. Even in the night, you can see faces and some details with 6 pcs invisible IR lights. You can secretly monitor your home with it or office or anywhere you want to covert. But note, due to Federal Law, audio is not included.
  • It has built-in 600 mAh battery, 1080P wifi spy DIY cameraworks about 90 minutes after fully charged, supports working while charging. Mini size and lightweight, easy to hide and carry, you can DIY with many tools as your imagination, make your own unique hidden camera with it. How amazing!
  • You could remotely monitor your house, kids, pets, or elders from anywhere via your phone, tablet, or laptop this wifi hidden camera could be connected to your home 2.4 GHz wifi network. It also can work without WiFi configuration, just need a Micro SD card (up to 64GB, Not include), it will automatically record videos after booting.
  • Once the motion detection is activated, it will notify you with alarm notification and automatically capture 3 photos and save them in the app. With this practical function, you can use it to record uninvited guest’s actions as proof for further use when there is an accident, keep the safety of your property and family when you out home.

WEMLB HD 1080P Wireless Spy Camera For Bathroom

The problem with typical security cameras is that they’re exposed in plain view. All an intruder needs to do is avoid the cam’s lineWEMLB HD 1080P Wireless Hidden Wall Camera For Bathroom of sight to avoid being caught on video. This surveillance camera is housed during a fully functional wall USB charger, recording quietly within the background without drawing any unwanted attention. Plug it in an electrical socket, adjust its viewing angle, and luxuriate in 24/7 discreet video surveillance.

As much as you want to be with your loved ones at home all the time, you need to regularly head out to go to work and run errands. Our wireless camera will act as your eyes reception, recording everything that takes place while you’re out and about.


    Unlike conventional CCTV cameras that require complicated wiring and network connection setups, our wireless cam just needs an electrical outlet to start recording. It connects with your home’s WiFi easily, Using your smartphone you can access recording live videos from anywhere. If you don’t have a WiFi connection readily available, just insert a microSD card (up to 128GB) for the camera to store its footage.
    Some wireless cameras could also be portable and compact, but they typically believe rechargeable batteries. The devices power off and become useless once those are out of stored power. Our security camera plugs directly into an electrical outlet, having all the power it will ever need, letting you enjoy round-the-clock video surveillance without you having to worry about recharging or replacing any battery.
    Any suspicious movement in your home aways be updated. Advanced motion detection technology used by our USB charger security camera. It automatically sends you real-time e-mail and app alerts if the movement gets detected in your house. You may also adjust the sensitivity of its motion detection sensor to fit your preferences. Our security camera complies with USA surveillance laws, which is why it doesn’t record any audio.
    With ordinary security cameras, watching grainy and blurry videos are often a standard issue. These cause even more frustration as you try to solve a burglary or gather evidence against misbehaving employees. Our camera is meant to record up to 1080p HD quality videos, allowing you to enjoy highly detailed images. You have the option to reduce the video quality to maximize your storage space.

MAGENDARA HD 1080P Wireless Hidden Camera For Bathroom 

It is one of the world’s smallest cameras that can fit anywhere and everywhere in any portable device you would like as said by the manufacturers of this camera say that. It attaches everywhere. It is shaped like a button and can store up to the data of 128GB in its TF card. A very small and light-weighted camera is a Megendara wifi home security hidden camera.

Recording and charging can be done at the same time. This Spy Camera For Bathroom is very compatible with loop recording and therefore the video file length is often around ranging from 1 minute to twenty minutes. Isn’t that awesome. 

This Spy Camera For Bathroom works sort of a real cam supplying you with the standard images you’d wish to take, by supplying you with the HD results on 1080p. The Wi-Fi camera makes it easy to use and one can easily hook up with Wi-Fi from 30 meters of distance. Passwords are managed and the information that is in your device is not decodable through this device. Mobile phone internet connection also enables the camera so there are not any worries if you don’t have any Wi-Fi available nearby. 

Motion Detection sensor is amazing during this device; it activates crazily when it involves detecting the movements. This feature is extremely useful to record the moves of the people who are not wanted. 

The 200 mAh lithium battery makes it work and records up to 300 minutes and you won’t need any Wi-Fi or router to make the use of it. This is a really good and wise investment that one can make by carrying their own personal security camera anywhere they need to on any desired device they want to carry it with them. 


  • Recording and charging at the same time. 
  • Connects to Wi-Fi from 30 meters of distance. 
  • Password protected encryption. 
  • Motion detection. 200 mAh battery life for backup.

TPEKKA Mini Spy Camera For Bathroom

One of the rarest things within the industry of hidden cameras to be several versions of an equivalent product. TPEKKA Mini Spy Hidden Camera had been one among those few, and we’re getting to break down the specs for you. Firstly, it comes with three models- The cone, the one with an evening vision and therefore the last one is with a screw shape. All three of them accompany good concealment and you’ll hide them in your bathroom wall/any objects without even the slightest amount of chance to be noticed.

Technically, it’s a pretty sound model. For capturing images it has a CMOS image sensor. On the opposite hand, it can record HD videos with a validity pixel of 510*492. With auto white balance enabled, it can adjust the scene in several lighting conditions.

While keeping your eyes through these cameras, you would possibly need it to run long hours. If so, don’t worry about power consumption. It costs very less energy and you’ll power it up with a 5V adapter also.


  • 1000 TVL HIGH DEFINITION: With 1000TVL definition and excellent stability, ready to capture clear HD videos also as images.
  • REFINED DESIGN: Screw Shape, Different and compact, ultra-small in size. Lightweight, good concealment.
  • LOW CONSUMPTION: With low consumption, aside from saving energy, much safer than other high-power electrical appliances when using. (Please apply DC 5V for the power input of the mini camera just in case of an overheating problem.)
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: With video function, presenting real-time visual scenes and pictures. As a mini discrete camera, it is often placed inside walls or objects to watch the environment. It is perfect for the surveillance of home and office, also suitable as an FPV camera.
  • Normally speaking, applying DC 12V1A power supply will cause an overheating problem. And if under the overheating situation for quite a long time, its inner components will be damaged, influencing the service life. To work out the issue, we have specially equipped it with DC 5V1A power adapter. 
  • If running the cable up to quite 20 meters, please apply DC 5V2A out of the present loss. After testing, we find that when the cable up to more than 20 meters, the unclear image caused by the current loss cannot be settled even with DC 12V1A power supply.

FUVISION Motion Activated Hidden Spy Camera For Bathroom

Now of the discussion, we’ve got a spy cam to seem up in your bathroom that comes during a camouflage of a wall plug. Of course, it’s pretty obvious to have a wall socket on a bathroom wall. But a 720p camera beneath it? That’s hard to suspect!

Its motion-activated is the biggest advantage of this hidden camera from Fusion. Suppose, if you place it in your bathroom, it’ll get activated whenever someone gets in through the door. Afterwards, it’ll record a 10-60 second clip and provide you with a warning about the event via your smartphone.

Let’s concentrate on video quality and storage. This Fusion hid Spy Camera For Bathroom records 720p HD videos, which is sweet enough for even low light scenarios. All the videos that are recorded are stored directly into the micro SD card. The slot supports cards up to 64 GB. There is password encryption provided, in order that nobody else can access the videos aside from you. To set this up, it’s almost none of a troublesome nut to crack.

There is a stick-it tape using which you’ll set this up onto any wall within seconds. The battery can run it for up to 30- days after once settled down.


  • This non-functional wall socket Hidden Camera with DVR records in optional SD cards up to 32GB(16GB included), and you’ll record up to 1920x1080p FHD video, to look at your video, by just using the included USB cable connects the device with on any PC or Mac directly
  • When it comes to surveillance for long-term this hidden camera is a perfect choice. When you put the camera in PIR motion activation mode this hidden camera features battery life up to 15 days, so you don’t have to worry about recharging the camera constantly. If you are going out of town for a long weekend, the camera will still have another replaceable rechargeable battery when you get back.
  • The latest in a covert video in our lineup of hidden cameras of professional grade is the 1080P HD Professional Grade Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera. A 3M mounting tape is included in it, so you can easily stick it to any wall in your home or business, and have this camera up and running in less than 30 seconds.
  • Using included Stick-It the Hidden Camera Power Outlet unit installs quickly. The tape makes it easy to install on any wall. Choose the best vantage point, stick it and go. Cover plates provide access to the MicroSD card is easy-to-remove, and it included 2 batteries and 1 battery charger, Exchange the battery with full power when one battery is lower power, just simple. Easy and fast for you
  • All videos are date and time stamped so you know exactly when they happened. The video is saved to a memory card, When the movement stops -all digital cameras use this is a standard SD card. It comes with 2 Face Plates white and light beige for any right situations.

NANIBO Hidden Camera Clothes Hook Mini Spy Camera 

When you are looking forward to having something that can provide you with video surveillance and security at home at an affordable price and without having to make big connections for the installation and hardwiring.

This camera comes in the form of an ordinary hook or a hanger that gets mounted to the wall of your bathroom. The hook looks like just an ordinary hanging hook that can be also used for hanging the clothes.

The camera is placed above the hook so it does not become an obstacle in the path of the camera if something heavy hangs on the hook. So the person whom you are suspecting may come in the bathroom and hang their clothes and even look directly at the camera but does not understand that he is being recorded as this best camera in a bathroom vent which works silently without any sound or light.

You can use these given cameras at the front door, inside any room, bathrooms, kitchen or any other place where you want to focus, since it’s just a regular dull-looking hook to others’ eyes. 

The battery life of this small camera, however, is not too long as it lasts only for 2.5 hours for constant recording when you are capturing the video in the full recording mode.

The camera to charge to its full capacity will take around 2 hours. This mini camera has about the battery life as it dies soon and you have to charge it on proper time and again. This could be one of those cameras. 

The camera that comes with the hook of different colour variations so that the hook does not look very different in the area you are installing it. However, The company made colours is not available if you want it to be in some specific colour so you can live up some DIY spirit and call it a job for you.

When we talk about the video quality that this camera provides, we come to know that the video output is not very extraordinary high-quality one, rather the output is only in 720*480 pixels in the resolution that gives the video in avi format. Although this less resolution it is not this little that it won’t give a clear image.

Since this hook camera has to serve as the best hidden mini Spy Camera For Bathroom, therefore, it has to be waterproof too. So this feature of this super cool camera keeps you safe from getting in trouble from a damaged camera due to moisture.


    It must be the best decorations in your home. Nobody will find out that it is also a mini spy camera .it is a best helper for household,anti-theft and evidence collection. become a perfect clothes hook hanger security camera.
    1080P HD clear videos recorded by the spy camera at 30 fps, gives you a clear view of any room.
    Enter motion detection camera mode to automatically save a video document every 5 minutes. These clothes hook camera is the perfect monitor solution when you’re looking for a nanny cam, home security camera or any other type of camera for short-term surveillance.
    The clothes hook spy camera doesn’t have a complicated setup, it is easy to use. Just press on the mode button with a Micro SD card (NOT INCLUDED), the machine can switch its mode from recording to snapshot or motion detection. and all the files will be saved automatically to the SD card. and then connected to the computer, you can watch all video on the computer. charging with 5v power/computer, the camera continues to record and lasts a long time. never worry to miss any moment.

OLTEC Wireless Smart spy Bulb Camera

This light camera gives you a super-wide angle of view with no blind spot using the 360-degree fisheye lens in this. Therefore you can see everything going on at any given time, for keeping your property surveilled all around the clock makes this bulb camera ideal.

It lets you keep an eye on your property all day every day, and a 360-degree angle of view ensures you never have a blind spot. A motion detection feature adds to the capabilities of this panoramic camera.

It sends a push notification to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor in real-time. An easy to use graphical interface then lets you perform functions like a monitor (real-time), playback previous videos, activate/deactivate the alarm, and more.


  • ANGLE OF VIEW 360o, BLIND SPOTS ZERO: A super-wide angle of view is given by the 360-degree fisheye lens in this light camera with no blind spot. This bulb camera is ideal for keeping your property surveilled all around the clock.
  • RECORDING 1080P FULL HD IMAGE: Our hidden camera records clear and crisp 1080P images and videos. Even the smallest detail of the Images are clear enough to show. The recordings are stored in the in-built SD card (up to 64GB) or can be streamed live to your phone, do not supports audio recording.
  • MOTION DETECTION FUNCTION W/ PUSH ALERTS: Provides the easiest way of keeping you in the know even when you are not home by our spy camera. With the use of an in-built motion detection feature detects movements and sends you a push alert to your smartphone allowing you to instantly stream live footage from the light bulb hidden camera.
  • FAST, EASY AND SIMPLE WI-FI CONNECTIVITY: You can connect this panoramic camera to your phone via a wi-fi network. It makes very simple and straightforward. Graphical Interface that lets you perform actions remotely included with bulb camera makes it easy to use. You can playback video, monitor in real-time, and it is absolutely easy to activate the alarm.

PalmVID WiFi Air Cleaner Hidden Camera Spy Camera

This air filter or Air Purifier hidden camera may be a great choice to be used in almost any room. This spy camera may be a working air filter too which makes it almost impossible to get that it’s a hidden camera. It doesn’t matter if the air filter is on or off, the camera will still operate whenever the cord is plugged into the wall for power.


  • PalmVID makes “The Best Ever Hidden Cameras That You’ve NEVER Seen In Your Life!” PalmVID brand hidden cameras which are assembled within the USA and featuring high-quality electronics that are installed into high-quality items. Free 2 Year Warranty. Free Lifetime Technical Support. No Subscription Fees or Other Fees Ever!
  • Delivers excellent performance in almost any situation by Built-in HDTV 1080p high-quality video camera with a wide field of view. Now with ultra-low-light mode!
  • Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) automatically starts recording whenever motion is detected by a feature named advanced motion detection recording mode. Works with up to 512GB Micro SD Memory Cards to store up to 500 hours of motion-activated video recordings. Also features Loop/Recycle recording when the memory card is full.
  • Wireless WiFi Connectivity enables features like WiFi and Internet Viewing Live Video, Recording, and Playback on iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones and Tablets, and Computers over from anywhere. Plus Motion Detection Alert Notifications are often sent to your devices.

Buyer’s Guide to Spy camera for toilet 

While purchasing the proper camera to cover in your bathroom, a variety of things are needed to be watched out. Here is that the list of our extensive buying guide- 

  • Resolution and night-sight
    While something takes place in your bathroom and you would like to stay an eye fixed thereon through a hidden cam, it’s better to be a high-resolution one. On top of that, to possess much clarity when it’s night, you ought to also make sure that the camera comes with an evening vision.
  • AC Power or Battery?
    Definitely, an utter confusion occurs when these two choices can put oneself. A risk of AC power cameras are getting exposed, ones might require frequent recharging while the battery-driven. So, both of those options have their pros and cons. But we might like better to accompany battery-powered cameras for the sake of secrecy.
  • Storage
    If your camera records continuously, then it’s a standard factor that it might require plenty of space for storing. Something like 128 GB could be ok for starters. But if you’ve got smart features like motion sensors or motion activators, this won’t need the maximum amount of space as it’s with a non-motion sensor one.
  • Versatile Design
    We suggest a spread of spy camera designs that were created to suit every need. Spy camera technology is so versatile that we are ready to suggest a pinhole spy camera sufficiently small to suit inside an old TV guide your bookshelf. With numerous styles to settle on from, you’re bound to find a spy camera which will be incorporated into your home’s own style.A clock spy camera sets up during a flash– and tells time. otherwise, you can fit a buttonhole or pinhole spy camera into almost anything around your home, ensuring that your video monitoring is going to be completely covert.
  • Waterproof
    This is an element that a lot of users underestimate and suffer later. As it’s getting to be placed during a bathroom, it’s quite obvious that water splashes will catch on it. So, better confirm that it’s waterproof camera (at least IP65) and doesn’t come up with an opportunity to be damaged from mist and water.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Best place to cover the camera in the bathroom
    Some of the common places to put in spy camera in the bathroom are often plugged point sockets, cosmetic bags, heating ducts, a two-way mirror, perfume sprayer, cloth hanger, vents, false ceiling, etc. These all are potential hiding places.
  • How to detect hidden camera in bathroom?
    Most spy camera detectors mainly offer 2 ways to seek out hidden cameras: Check for the reflective lights from the optical lens (like employing a flashlight). Detect the RF broadcast of the camera. Typically the detectors will beep once they find the signal and provides you with the audible alerts.
  • How to install a hidden camera in your bathroom
    • Step 1: Choose the simplest Mini Spy Camera for YOUR Bathroom. …
    • Step 2: Plug the Camera into a Socket or Charge it.
    • Step 3: Install the Relevant Software
    • Step 4: Plug the Wireless Receiver to your computer.
    • Step 5: hear the Audio.
    • Step 6: Finding the perfect Location