Best Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Best Smoke Detector Spy Camera | Buyer’s Guide

Smoke Detector Spy Camera is converted monitoring machines that seem similar to original fire detection mechanisms but include combined video cameras. They sneak in clear vision, allowing you to efficiently monitor your house or business undetected. There are a group of those covert spy smoke detectors on sale and customers tell that a lot of them are complete garbage.

The best option we’ve seen for a Smoke Detector Camera is the mentioned below. These are true wireless options, working through an app (IP Cam Live P2P). As well, it can work off of AC or battery power- which is a convenient feature because many options are only battery-powered, so you’d have to constantly remove the smoke alarm for recharges.

A smoke detector camera should seem similar to an actual fire and smoke alarm.  Contrarily, it will reveal the status and bring awareness and anyone can disable it if he becomes informed video recording is getting started.

It highlights a motion-detection form but doesn’t possess night-vision, so you’ll need to utilize it in regions that are moderately inflamed, or in connection with a safety light. The camera gives 90° seeing and comes with a mounting base, 2 screws, an instruction manual, a software CD, and energy stocks, and a micro USB cable.

What is the smoke detector spy camera

Smoke detector cameras work from a big, wide-angle standpoint, taking every single thing, externally remaining clear about everything they are. A smoke detector camera case is the common covert of all hidden camera cases as it can suit practically anywhere without a doubt.

PalmVID WiFi PIR Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera

PalmVID brand high-quality hidden cameras designed to resemble normal smoke detectors. Smoke detectors style hidden  The smoke detector hidden cameracameras work great in nearly any situation because it is common to spot them in every kind of room. The smoke detector hidden spy cameras also provide for the camera to be installed in a higher location which can give an excellent overview of the entire room.

The advantage of the WiFi-PIR Model is the Extremely more extended battery running course. The WiFi-PIR series is specifically designed to work on a battery charge for the most extended possible time. It runs in an ultra-low power standby style till “body heat” motion is identified. When utilizing this PIR style it can work in standby for more than a century on an individual charge!


  • PalmVID brand hidden cameras are custom assembled in the USA highlighting high-quality electronics that are connected into high-quality pieces
  •  A battery that is Long-Life Rechargeable having Up to 100 Days Standby in PIR Motion Detection Mode (or Full-Time Plug-In Power)
  • Built-in HDTV high-quality video camera with a large-scale field of appearance that gives a great performance in practically every circumstance and built-in DVR (digital video recorder) highlights motion detection recording mode that automatically begins recording whenever motion is detected
  • Utilizes regular Micro SD memory cards to save the video so that the recordings can be played back simply

FUVISION Hidden WiFi Smoke Detector Camera

With great HD 1080P video quality, live streaming over smartphone through our strong APP, local SD card, this long-lasting  hidden camera smoke detectorbattery energy wireless safety camera hides in non-functional smoke detector arrives recording, immediate alerts to the smartphone, exceptional PIR motion exposure, more powerful night vision and plus 6000mAh rechargeable battery built-in for up to 180 days standby period. this smart wireless security camera lets you watch over what is most important for you from every angle, indoors and out, day and night!


  • Built-in Wi-Fi permits you to manage, look, and run video from a smartphone wherever in the world
  • HD furtive Wi-Fi security mode with a built-in color camera and DVR
  • PIR Motion films video clips during you require it most.
  • The battery runs for more than 180 days.
  • Immediate warnings to iOS and Android smartphones
  • “No Glow” night vision LEDs is built-in inside for viewing up to 30 feet in dark light
  • It holds a covered 125-degree bottom observing angle camera lens
  • 1080P HD live view form with push alarm warning
  • Stamping Data and Time style
  • Why you should buy it?
    It requires no tools, wiring or professional installation for its set-up. So, it is an easy setup device. For the security of your home and office place, Don’t worry. FUVISION Hidden WiFi Smoke Detector Camera is ideal for you as it needs no wires or cords.
  • One App, All Control: With fast fixings of our app on your smartphone, you will be able to stream video remotely to control your premises at whatever time with live view video.

Littleadd Hidden Smoke detector Spy Camera

Littleadd’s smoke detector spy cam is a chart-topper for various purposes. Easily one of the most discreet you’ll find, this camera Littleadd smoke detector spy camerais incredibly affordable and offers a great deal of value when considering its overall quality, and the features it offers.

 This camera can do both 720 and 1080 HD modes, offering stunning visual sharpness that makes it very easy to see what’s going on from any part of the room. Little add is a motion-activated smoke detector camera that indicates, it can be placed on a motion detection style that is set off when feeling action within 5 meters. You can record video, or set it to capture photos to conserve battery life.

 Talking of battery life, you can receive up to 10-14 hours of video off of an individual charge, which makes it one of the more reliable power choices on this list. If you can figure out a way to hide the charging cord, it will never run out of power when plugged in.

The camera comes with an 8Gb SD card that will hold around 3 hours of recording, but you can always upgrade up to a 32GB size if you’d like, which will triple the amount of time you can record. There is no looping when full, so keep that in mind.

 The camera does involve a remote so you can simply turn it on and off when home, but there is no app ready to check or see footage from a range.


  1. The smart camera is sneaked on the ceiling. High-resolution connection, full security camera, nobody can film without warning. You can also click pictures.
  2. High Image Quality: allows accurate shooting of sharp images, vibrant image resolution of “720pix”, high image quality and high resolution, and excellent video capture like never before.
  3. Motion Detection: In accession to shooting still images, it additionally has a mode that automatically starts filming when it identifies a moving object within the shooting range. 
  4. It saves power without the need for wasted recordings and extra batteries, which is convenient when you want to monitor for long periods of time.
  5. Remote operation: You can remote control with the remote control! You can do everything by turning on the main unit and turning on the supplied remote control. Anyone can easily get started.
  6. Overwrite: When the image duplication function is used to make the capacity of memory card full, the old file will be deleted automatically and the new file will be overwritten. 30-day warranty and full technical support

MEAUOTOU Wi-Fi Hidden Smoke Detector Camera:

MEAUOTOU’s hidden camera smoke detector is one of the best models that provide live viewing over a mobile app from remote MEAUOTOU wireless smoke detector cameralocations, while also being one of the most discreet in terms of looks.

This camera films and streams in 1080 HD, giving stunning visible quality even if you’re watching a played back video, or seeing as the action occurs. The camera can also click pictures on-demand, and you can zoom in on video as it works as well.

The battery life is the only real drawback. When using just the battery, you can only expect around 1-2 hours of recording, so it’s also required that you use a power cord connected to the charger.

This camera does not come with an SD card, but it does accommodate up to 64GB giving it one of the highest recording capacities you’ll find. In the case that you load the card with too many clips, the camera will circle behind and start to record from where the oldest footage began.

The camera’s app is extremely easy to use and has all the right features to give it a good amount of versatility. The pinch and zoom options and live video modes are very helpful.

MEAUOTOU’s camera may be back in the line in the battery field, but it’s excellent in every other feature, giving it well deserving the cost if you have a way to sneak the power cord.


A spy camera within the proper indicator, no notice lights flashing when filming, carries 1-2 hours constant recording after completely charged, take note you want to install it on the wall or ceiling; View angle: 78 degree

  • Motion sensor alert: push notifications collected by your smartphone when motion identified, more the alarm snapshot with a particular time pushed to MEAUOTOU Applet you understand the move.
  • HD 1080P live video: to understand what is happening no matter where you are, date and time stamp benefits you do not miss all feature, also you can zoom in the video if there was someone there.
  • Loop video recorder: Insert Micro SD card into the spy camera, once the camera turns on, the video will be recorded and saved into the Micro SD card. Carries up to 64GB storage in maximum, it will cancel the opening file when the space is full Connect it to the adapter for charging when working to get a more stable connection and longer working time; works with only 2.4G Wi-Fi. Support system: iOS, Android, Windows PC.

Toughsty 16GB smoke alarm camera | Smoke Detector Camera With Audio

This smoke detector camera comes for home use or a nanny camera with video shooting, video recording, and photo-taking Toughsty 16GB Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Hidden Spy Camfunctions. The sneaked smoke detector camera is not an original smoke alarm, so it could not identify or frighten smoke.

The camera supports 1920X1080P full HD real-time video recording in AVI format with 24 Hours Continuous Recording &It can even work for 2.5 hours further with its built-in back-up battery if there is a blackout. 

The smoke detector camera doesn’t need to work with other DVRs, it is hard to be discovered by the intruders. It is built in a 16GB micro SDHC class 10 sd card before ex-work that can save about 50 minutes video footage, and you can change it to a larger capacity micro sd card but 64GB in max for longer video storage time. We recommend you use a 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 SD Card.

Also, if contains  2.4G wireless remote controller is attached to this smoke sensor camera for easy operation of its various functions such as mode switch between motion detection video recording and regular video recording, video recording start and stop, and clicking photos and so on.


  • Fake Smoke Alarm, Real Spy Camera: This is a secret surveillance camera for home use or a nurse camera with video shooting, video recording, and photo-taking functions under the case of a smoke detector. The sneaked smoke detector camera is not an original smoke alarm, so it wouldn’t recognize or alarm smoke.
  • 1080P HD Real-time Video Recording: This HD secret camera smoke detector carries 1920X1080P full HD real-time video filming in AVI format.
  • 24 Hours Continuous Recording: This 24-hour record spy camera can do 24 hours constant video recording when attached to an outlet power equipment. It can even run for 2.5 hours more with its built-in back-up battery if there is a blackout.
  • SD Card Surveillance Camera:  As this pinhole spy cam stocks videos with a built-in micro SDHC class 10 sd card and doesn’t require to run with other DVRs, it is difficult to be seen by the invaders. We have built-in a 16GB micro SDHC class 10 sd card before ex-work that can save about 50 minutes video footage, and you can change it to a larger capacity micro sd card but 64GB in max for longer video storage time. We recommend you use a 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 SD Card.
  • 2.4G Wireless Remote Controller: A 2.4G wireless remote controller is attached to this smoke sensor camera for easy operation of its various functions such as mode switch between motion detection video recording and normal video recording, video recording start-stop, and clicking photos and lot more.

SecureGuard Battery Powered Smoke Detector WiFi Spy Camera


36 Hour Rechargeable Battery. Wireless!SecureGuard Battery Powered Smoke Detector WiFi Spy Camera

  1. 1080p HD Video. 1920×1080 HD Camera for best image quality.
  2. Hidden Wi-Fi broadcast. It cannot be found on the Wi-Fi network search after setup.
  3. 16GB SD Card inserted for the storage of the video clip and remote playback.
  4. Records video to SD card inside the camera and can also record videos on your phone.
  5. Very easy setup for internet viewing and playback
  6. A powerful app lets you fully manage multiple cameras easily.
  7. Very affordable price to compete with global competition
  8. Sold and Supported in The US. Live US tech help to give the most excellent customer assistance
  9. This camera can be installed everywhere.
  10. Get Mobile signals, Live Video, Recording configuration in your Mobile devices.

Easy to setup:

  1. Plugin the Battery.
  2.  Wait 60 secs. 
  3. Download the Mobile App while you wait.
  4. Open the Mobile App
  5.  Follow the simple steps to connect to your Wi-Fi. (Scan QR Code)
  6. Enjoy viewing live and playback anyplace in the world.
  7. The battery will last 36 hours. 
  8. Recharge the battery and use it again.

Brickhouse Security Hidden Camera with Smoke Detector

A BrickHouse exclusive, the Black Box Micro HD lets you convert practically any normal household object into a self-contained Brickhouse Security Hidden Camera with Smoke Detectorsecurity system. With an unmatched level of recording capability, the small and strong Black Box Micro HD starts formulating a system hidden camera a breeze. 

Convert any household item, into a hidden camera. Keep an eye on your desk at work, monitor your nanny to ensure that she’s being safe with your baby or catch a thief in your stockroom. Use it wherever and anytime you want the most beneficial in covert monitoring.


  • No Hardwiring Needed: The battery-operated Camscura Micro Cam is transportable and motion-activated. As the smoke detector is just for display and non-functioning it doesn’t need energy at all.
  • 720p HD Quality Footage: Films fresh and bright video clip in vivid detail with 1280 x 720 high definition footage. This provides especially solid proof for the following review.
  • Utilize the Camera in the Incorporated Faux Smoke Detector or Standalone: This small camera provides you the versatility to use it as a nanny camera, watch over the responsibility of old relatives, or safeguard the kids and spouse.
  • Excellent For Safeguarding Your Company: Best for filming proof of shoplifters for asset loss prevention, employees, or law implementation. Per US federal laws, this camera does not record audio.

PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera seems quite like a regular smoke detector but alternately, it includes an HDTV quality video PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Cameracamera and tiny HDTV DVR digital video recorder.

The flexible camera mount enables the user to simply modify the camera viewing angle from inside the smoke detector. This indicates that the smoke detector can be attached to the ceiling then the camera can be aimed/adjusted up/down to give the excellent camera seeing angle for each utilization. Be aware of different smoke detector hidden cameras that have an established camera view!

This design can be powered complete time from AC power and/or with rechargeable battery applications. The DVR-PRO model presently has a battery standby time of up to 100 Days!


  • PalmVID Exclusive – User Adaptable Camera Seeing Angle
  • PIR Motion Detection Mode – Starts Filming When Action is Recognized
  • Long-Life Rechargeable Battery – Can remain for up to a century in PIR Motion Detection Standby Mechanism
  • Works with up to 512GB Micro SD Memory Cards to save the video clips and can save up to 300 hours of tapes
  • Holds Full 2 Year Guarantee and FREE Lifetime USA-based Tech Support from PalmVID

SPY GADGETS | 4K Hidden Camera Spy Camera

The secret indoor monitoring smoke detector now provides you (2880 x 2160) 4K high resolution, 128GB video accommodation SPY GADGETS | 4K Hidden Camera Spy Cameraability, and a super wide-angle 140-degree lens.

A 90-day standby life battery will provide you 16 hours of continuous recording but the body heat sensing PIR motion sensor will only stimulate and utilize battery power when motion is detected.

Once movement is identified, the DVR and camera will start up and start filming in several moments. The system gets back to the hibernation style once the action is no longer identified.

TV Video Out and Menu Based Programming. Hidden back the common, daily disguise, your 4K Hidden Camera is a completely programmable, very customizable surveillance DVR system that resembles those discovered being utilized in high-end establishments around the world. The involved video out cable and remote control allows you to handle your current TV to program the internal DVR board utilizing our menu-based system.

Mac and PC Compatible. The system stores your data as an AVI. To analyze the filmed video just remove the memory card from the camera and use your Mac or PC to watch the video.


  • Do you want to have the highest quality hidden camera video protecting your home or office? Our Spy Gadgets 4K covered cameras films short super precise 4K HD quality color video assuring you’ll never avoid the smallest detail in your security tapes!
  • Did you know that Spy Gadgets 4K Hidden Spy Cameras are the #1 suggested cameras that utilize patient infrared motion identification and time/date stamps? Connect thousands of delighted consumers that rest comforted knowing that their surveillance camera is filming when it counts most!
  • Are you willing to see what occurs when you are distant from your home or office? Your Spy Gadgets 4K Hidden Camera is available to go out of the box, easily unpack, plug into an outlet and you’re all fixed!
  • If you need the most talented secret camera on the market, you will admire our Spy Gadgets 4K Hidden Cameras! With a 90-Day standby / 16-hour continuous record long-life rechargeable battery you can install your hidden camera wherever understanding battery life will never be a difficulty!
  •  Did you acknowledge that Spy Gadgets 4K Hidden Cameras will automatically change to night vision method once it is dark enough and can film at night up to 20 feet away? If you’re not entirely convinced of your results, we will give you a complete refund. You can click the yellow “Add to Cart” button now with complete assurance in your hidden camera!