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Best Long Range Wireless Spy Camera | Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever thought of what happens when you leave the pets alone at home? Or whether your nanny is taking promising care of your baby? Or whether your office is protected when you are not around? Is someone vandalizing your commodity? You should be interested in a Long Range Wireless Spy Camera in that case.

Wireless spy cameras appear in two forms:

  1. A single integrated unit that combines the camera lens and the wireless transmitter into one assortment. Wireless spy cameras are often disguised as common household objects such as a clock, light bulb, speakers, etc.
  2. Separate lens and wireless transmitter parts are usually connected by a wire. Its installation is meant in tight spaces and where the observed parties may doubt that a hidden camera is present in the area.

An eye is kept on your home by these cameras when you cannot do the same. They also get to record what actually happened unlike you and as a result, you have confirmed evidence that you did not steal your own merchandise. Adequate proof is always required to make your claim stick.

With the help of a good hidden spy camera, your kids can be protected when you hire a babysitter. You will be able to see what actually goes in in your home when you are not there. To stay protected any time day or night you should use the best.

Nanny Cam Mini Surveillance Camera | Long Range Wireless Spy Camera

It looks like a regular smoke indicator in appearance without a real smoke detector capacity. This item is a concealed nanny camNanny Cam Wireless Mini Video Recorder Surveillance Camera for home guard. This mini Long Range Wireless Spy Camera has motion detection and its motion will activate when night vision is required.


  • Maximum capacity of Memory Card: 32GB(Not included)
  • The distance of motion detection: 5 m straight-line
  • Charging is supported while recording
  • This hidden camera can be used for recording video, but it does not have the capacity to record audio;
  • A camera that works without Wi-Fi and night vision function.
  • It contains Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life of 1.5-2 hours continuous recording time
  • Charging while recording is recommended


  • High Definition Nanny Camera: allows you to clearly see and monitor what happened when you are out of your home, office with the help of a 1080P HD record. You will not miss any important images.
  • Motion Detection Spy Camera: If motion detection is turned on, within the range of the camera, the hidden camera will start to record movements to micro sd cards.
  • Mini Hidden Camera: It just looks the same as a common smoke detector in shape, in fact, it is a mini hidden spy camera. You don’t need to download any APP and you can’t see the live video through your mobile phone as it is a camera without Wi-Fi and night vision function.
  •  Loop Video Recorder Surveillance Camera:  It will overwrite the old video automatically and continue recording when micro sd card gets full It support SD Card up to 32GB(Not included)

What You Get: It offers 30 days money back & 3-month worry-free guarantee,24-hours email contact service is available. Let us know if you have any queries or concerns about the mini hidden camera without any hesitation, we are standing by to assist you all the time.

Nanny Wireless Cam with Night Vision & Magnetic Bracket

Before using it for the first time, the Nanny Wireless Cam camera should be charged for 2-3 hours (Built-in Battery 800mah, lasts for 4 hours or so). After downloading the app, open your phone to search the camera’s wifi and then connect it, then to see the Nanny Wireless Cam with Night Vision & Magnetic Bracketvideo open the app. The app should set the wifi connection.

Please reset it and follow the manual to connect it again if it is not working. This hidden camera cannot support 5Ghz WiFi and it only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi.  5.0GHz is typically having more stable speed and 2.4GHz is higher beneficial for covering more distances. Most routers are having both the two frequencies and you simply select your 2.4GHz network to complete the connection. The top of the line photo, video recording tool lies this FREDI mini camera.


  • Top Night Vision: The hidden camera provides Crystal images and videos even in the darkness. You can capture full live HD videos both during day and night equally, and you can enjoy it very easily.
  • Motion Detection & 110° Wide-angle: Threat or movement is detected faultlessly using the Wireless WiFi mini camera. Once there is movement, it will trigger alerts on the detection area and send warnings to your device through the ‘My cam’ APP (When the APP is not opened). Wherever you are, you can master the camera by remote to get live streaming. It is the world’s smallest Dvr video camera with a 110° wide-angle lens and there is also a Magnetic Bracket design of it with 360° rotation.
  • Loop Recording and Time Stamp: You can adjust the date and time stamp of this  Wifi camera and loop recording is defaulted to overwriting of the oldest file with the newest which is also adjustable as per our wish (timestamp fix could be adjusted to what you need and oop recording turn on/off ). The maximum capacity SD card supports is up to 128G (SD card is not included).
  • Built-in Solid 800mah Battery: The continuous record, day time video or night vision video is ensured by the HD mini Long Range Wireless Spy Camera up to almost 4 hours after the camera is fully charged (Normal Charge – 5V 2A Power). You can attach an external power bank if you need a much longer time to use (5V 1A Power).
  • Advantages & Best Quality and Service: We provide you with one year service and lifetime technical support, and if you are having any queries, please feel free to contact us through our official email whenever you have a need: [email protected], we are also here to provide you with with an excellent online after-sales service that is working 24/7.

Nanny Cam with 32GB Card with Night Vision and Motion Detection Auto-Induction Security Surveillance Camera

This is an excellent little camera which is very small and compact. It is easy to hide the battery. You have to connect it to a power Long Range Wireless Spy Camerasupply or a battery pack for extending its recording. All videos and photos will be saved in the card and the camera doesn’t require WiFi.It can be read on a phone or PC using a card reader. The camera can keep recording even while charging. It can capture clear videos and pictures and the audio is also clear. The LEDs that provide the light flash on and off as it is recorded on not a steady light. Even then the night recording works.


  • · FULL HD 1080P DV DC;
  • · Picture Format & Resolution: JPG & 12M(4032*3024);
  • · Video Format & Resolution: AVI & 1080P(1920*1080P);
  • · Video Frame Rate: 30fps;
  • · Night Vision Distance: Within 5 meters;
  • · Motion Detection Resolution: 1080P;
  • · Built-in Battery Capacity: 200mAh (about 60 minutes);
  • · Charging Voltage: DC-5V;
  • · Interface Type: Mini8Pin USB;
  • · Support 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB TF card(MicroSD card);
  • · Support System: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista; Mac os; Linux;


  • MINI HIDDEN SPY CAMERA: The mini camera can be secretly hidden easily. It can be used in the pocket as a body camera, on the back of the TV or on the shelf as a security surveillance camera depending on its small size which is only 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches. The mini camera has the most needed and beneficial characteristics such as 140° wide-angle facility, 1920*1080P video resolution, 12Million(4032*3024) image resolution, movement detection, night vision, recording while charging capacity, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, SD card storing, etc, even though the camera is small.
  • 1080P VIDEO RECORDING and 12MILLION PHOTOGRAPHING: It can capture high-definition 1080P videos and clear 12 million photographs even if the camera is mini, so as to save the details of that moment you like. Besides, a high-definition surveillance camera provides effective and efficient protection for home, office, warehouse, car whatever indoor or outdoor places and as a result, you will be able to know what happens after you leave at that time. The LED lights won’t light up, in the course of video recording or photographing,
  • AUTO-INDUCTION NIGHT VISION: Built-in 6 infrared LED lights are present in the camera which automatically induct to turn on or off. If lights are turned off, the 6pcs infrared lights immediately turn on and the camera gets into the 5M night vision distance mode for which no manual operation is needed. If lights are turned on, the 6pcs lights immediately turn off. During this process, these LED lights will not light up, but the camera can covertly work in the day or night.
  • MOTION DETECTION: Once the object moves in front of the camera and When motion detection mode is activated, it can detect and start a video recording on its own. Until the camera no longer detects the object motion, the process is automatic. It can work nearly 60 minutes as the mini camera has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 200mAh capacity. The camera can be charged even while recording. You can use a power bank or plug it into a USB charger if you get a longer recording. It can continuously keep on the detection status.
  • LOOP VIDEO RECORDING and AFTER-SALES SERVICE: The Volenberry camera the package has a 32GB card included which can be used directly and supports a maximum of  64GB SDcard. In each 5 minutes videos will be saved in the card, but the latest video will automatically overwrite the newest video if the card storage is full. The camera will continuously record until no electricity even though the card is full. Feel free to contact us if you have a need or queries, we will surely respond within 6 hours. You must read the operating guide first.

Ehomful Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection- Built-in Battery-No WiFi Needed

Ehomful is very concerned about keeping families and homes safe and secure. Ehomful E003 mini Long Range Wireless Spy Camera is one ofEhomful Wireless Spy Camera the smallest portable hidden cameras with a magnet that is available( 1.1 coins sized only) In a stylish and compact design that can show you things, it brings you everything you are concerned about home security.

It is easy to carry or leave anywhere small and compact. You can stick the built-in magnet to any metal surface of your choice. It includes a Fast switch on power and mode key within it. Without missing even a single thing, the Camera lens shoots at the 120-degree field of view. A different Experience is brought to you by 1080P HD [email protected]

In  monitoring your home when you are away, crystal clear image and video quality are very crucial. Night vision is available up to 20ft in the dark.No glowing lights are provided. The auto monochrome image conversion feature is also available with this. Amazing features like One-key to start recording video and fast switch to video and photo mode are included. Clear logic on led light, and it will be turned off when the video is recorded.


  • Super Mini Hidden Spy Camera: 1-inch portable cube size and qualified alloy body are present with this mini spy wireless camera.Used for Video recording &and photo-taking.It includes a 120-degree wide lens and a strong built-in magnet. This Super Mini Long Range Wireless Spy Camera can be set up anywhere, in the corner of the home, office,  store, car, hang around the neck with a lanyard or directly in your pocket. This is surely your best collection as a security camera, body camera, nanny cam, car camcorder, action camera, pet camera, baby camera, cop camera.
  • Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Easy Operating:  All controlling can be done by using just two buttons. You can quickly press shoot and go for taking a video or photo  (The micro SD card is needed). High quality 1920 x 1080p video for smoothly recording up to 30fps (frame per second)is made available in this hidden surveillance camera for home. You can easily take digital photographs instantly in photo mode.  Stamping of date and time is available. Supports loop recording and 128GB micro SD card in maximum(not included).
  • Night Vision Hidden Camera with NONE GLOWING Lights: 6 invisible IR LEDs that can be turned on and off are included in this small cop spy cam. Short and clear videos can be recorded in 1080P up to 20 feet away in complete darkness. When the camera is recording in darkness, there are no obvious red lights giving away. The video being recorded is in black and white when shot in night vision mode.
  • High Reliable Motion Detection for Body Camera: –, The mini camera’s motion-activation system can automatically be recorded to the micro SD card while being activated when someone moves into its view. It is having a built-in Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 90 minutes. Being unplugged, the Built-in battery lasts for 90 minutes recording whereas while Being plugged it can be used for 24/7 hours.
  • Creative to utilize the Spy Camera: The mini body camera fit in almost anywhere because of the simple and clean design. It is a simple wearable solution or a fixed mounting that a hidden spy camera doesn’t require the internet connection.  You are provided access to have a look at your pet when you leave it at home by the mini Long Range Wireless Spy Camera and it is really awesome to make use of it as a nanny cam for watching your children.

AREBI Wireless Spy Camera with HD 1080P and Motion Activated Night Vision

AREBI is a company that specializes in home security cameras. Only high-quality surveillance cameras by state-of-the-art AREBI Wireless Spy Cameratechnology and solution are designed and manufactured. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best security cameras to our customers as an innovative manufacturer.

We wish that everyone has a good quality live monitoring camera for their home security. We stick to offering an App for all customers without monthly charges for the WiFi camera.  As always we’re looking for ways to improve, we truly believe that any good products should be easy to understand, simple to set up and straightforward to use.

AREBI A10 PLUS 2020 Version is the latest model with the inclusion of  NEW app HIDVCAM, Built-in Magnet, 150° Wide Angle and 1080P Live Video. The NEW app HIDVCAM is comparatively more steady and secure. QR Code is not present on the camera.AREBI designed and manufactured the A10 Plus. Each of AREBI A10 Plus generally comes along with a unique ANTI-FAKE QR code on the package. You should just please use your phone to scan it to verify it! Please do report to us without any second thoughts if no ANTI-FAKE QR code is found. Always be aware of the fake!


  • EXCELLENT LIVE STREAM NANNY CAM: configure with router Wi-Fi (Only 2.4GHz)after downloading the NEW app HIDVCAM for your iPhone or Android phone and have it. Remotely from anywhere in the world, now you are ready to view LIVE video on the App. As a nanny camera, you can keep an eye on your home or office. The hidden camera can be adsorbed on any iron surfaces with the internal magnet, It is Perfect as the surveillance camera present in the office, Home and Car, etc.
  • ALL IN ONE MINI SPY CAMERA: It comes with all the useful features you need for a Wifi Mini camera even though the camera is quite small. Its main highlights include 150° Wide Angle, Built-in Magnet, 1080P Live Video, iOS, and Android Compatible, Motion Activated Push Alerts, No-Glow IR Night Vision, Recording while Charging, Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely, Live Stream from Anywhere, SD Card Recording, Free App, One App Multiple Camera, One Camera Multiple Users and much more.
  • RECORDING WHILE CHARGING SPY CAMERA:  A built-in high quality 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last about one hour comes along with this AREBI mini spy camera. Besides that, to record up to 30 hours you can plug it to a 10000mAh battery pack.or to have it stay on continuously you can get the camera plugged to a USB charger. Knowing that you can watch over your valuables by live stream at any time you will be having peace of mind. 
  • MOTION DETECTION AND NIGHT VISION: You can set the sensor sensitivity manually with the upgraded intelligent motion detection now. The hidden camera will send Push Notification with images to your phone once motion is detected. To see what’s going on in real-time You can log into the App and never worry about missing something important. A covert design of 6 infrared IR lights with non-luminance and 5M night vision distance is featured by the device. The app can be remotely switched on or off

HUOMU Mini spy cam 1080P HD Wireless WiFi Remote with Smart Motion Detection

The smallest size wide-angle hide camera is the HUOMU HIDDEN cam. a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening inHUOMU Mini spy cam the room is given to you by the  1080P and 150-degree wide-angle lens as it captures details clearly.

It makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office With its outstanding structural design, as long as you leave. It requires only 1 x 0.6inch headspace for it. It is only compatible with 2.4G Router WiFi c ( does NOT support 5G). The App works both on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone, Tablet. 

If no router WiFi is available, the Long Range Wireless Spy Camera proceeds on with the SD Card Loop Recording by default itself. You must just insert a micro SD card which is typically 32GB (128GB Max) also it is NOT included in the package. Even if this spy cam has some heat while working. It will not affect performance, and you should please feel free to use it.

The picture taken will be slightly purple or reddish because of the infrared night vision, but that is a normal phenomenon under the light source with more ultraviolet light and infrared light and please do understand that.


  • Wifi connection and button control dual operation mode: Android & iOS can remotely control this smart camera. Simply press the buttons on the camera for recording and photos taking if you don’t want to use the app and WiFi connection, The device supports an SD Card Up to 128GB (not included). At least 1.5 hours of continuous video recording after full charge, or you can simply connect it to a power supply for when required for immediate use is allowed by its Built-in rechargeable 520 mAh battery.
  • Easy to use multi-function app:  The camera comes with all the useful features you need for a Wifi Mini camera although it is quite small. Have it configured with router Wi-Fi (Only 2.4GHz) after downloading the App on your iPhone or Android phone and then you can view LIVE video on the App remotely from anywhere in the world. Its main features are Motion Alerts, Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely, iOS and Android Compatible, SD Card Recording, Free App, One App Multiple Camera, One Camera Multiple Users and much More.
  • Exceptional IR night vision: It is important to a surveillance camera that is working 24/7. A built-in 4-night vision IR LEDs is there in this camera. Faces and details can be clearly seen even in total darkness(Note:  Need to turn on night vision in the app).
  • Smart motion detection with an immediate alert: An alarm notification will be sent to the mobile phone immediately when the camera detects a moving object. While the recorded video will be stored in the memory card simultaneously, the photos will be captured and transferred back to the APP (Note: needs to be set up in the app).

MHDYT Mini Wireless Long Range Wireless Spy Camera

Long Range Wireless Spy Camera ( thumb-sized only) is the smallest portable hidden camera that is manufactured with 1080P resolutions andMHDYT Mini Wireless Hidden spy Camera 75°wide angle lens pcs IR led lights. When compared with other mini cameras, it captures more clear and larger visual range images. Its installation is ideal in places that people will not generally notice. You can rest assured that you won’t miss anything as improved security of homes, offices, stores, and warehouses is ensured.

3.5hours charging first before using must be made sure to ensure that the camera is 100% fully charged. SD cards should not be inserted into the camera when charging. When the camera is fully charged, the indicator light will be showing red color all the time continuously. Little warmth and heating of the device is a normal phenomenon that does not require much attention.

This Spy Camera is best wireless spy camera for car and can also act as wireless spy camera RC helicopter


  • High-quality images with FULL HD 1080P DV DC
  • Import HD camera lens;
  • Mini shape and   portable handheld DV
  • Recording high-definition video in low-light conditions
  • Great Night Vision s for a clear display in low light conditions with 6pcs IR led light(led light not light up in use)
  • video format:1920X1080P ,Motion detecting video:1080P
  • Photo mode: 12MP(4032×3024) ;
  • USB2.0 interface
  • Supports 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB SD card(SD card not include)
  • Includes Built-in lithium battery 200mAh, working time about 60 minutes
  • Support system: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista; macOS;  Linux
  • Great Motion Detection: It only records video when it identifies motion which makes this mini covert cam easier to save storage space and use longer time than other mini cameras.

Buyer’s Guide About Wireless Spy Camera

Have you found yourself tired and confused as an effect of searching the Internet for the perfect wireless hidden camera from any point of time? Don’t worry, you have arrived in the right place. Follow these simple steps if you want to get a perfect Long Range Wireless Spy Camera.


Since there are so many better options these are hardly worth mentioning. You are required to extend a wire from the unit to an external recording device while using Hardwired hidden cameras. The cost of the hardware hidden camera will appear impressive at first. It’s simply not worth it once you add up everything that is needed to capture the video. Installation of hardwired hidden cameras like a motion detector camera, thermostat camera, exit sign camera, emergency light camera or smoke detector camera can be taken into consideration if you have new construction where you are having access to walls and can easily run wire.


Ordinary household objects like an alarm clock are typically used by the type of hidden cameras that are typically used by these types of hidden cameras where the transmitter is sealed inside while to receive the video from the camera a separate receiver is used. To document the video coming from the camera, the user still needs some sort of recording device. They are quickly becoming obsolete while these systems are still readily available, just like hardwired versions. Self-recording all-in-one and IP and Internet streaming technology are used by newer systems.

Self Recording All in One

The self-recording hidden camera is probably the best thing to ever happen to the covert surveillance industry. A built-in DVR that stores video to an SD memory card is used by these systems. Motion activation is used by most self-recording systems to save both memory and the amount of time you spend reviewing the video. When the subject appeared in the video that is prior to this type of system, The user would have to sit down and fast-forward over hours upon hours clearing video highlighted by a few moments.

4G Wireless 

They are able to formulate more means to capture hidden camera videos as cell phone providers increase the bandwidth of their systems. To areas, where high-speed Internet access is available, users have always been restricted in order to access a camera remotely. You will want to look at the alternatives that we are having and also you don’t have high-speed Internet access if the area you want to keep an eye on is in a Verizon 4G coverage area. Its expense is high, but it will come down in the near future as wireless coverage expands.

IP and Internet Accessible 

Wi-Fi signals are used from your wireless router by these systems to send and receive video from your hidden camera. While the camera transmits the video using wireless digital encryption, some systems use your PC as the recorder. You are able to remotely access your video at any time in either of these ways. You must take a glance at our secure IP hidden camera systems to get the best of both worlds. To transfer the video back to a lockable IP receiver that stores video to an SD card which also behaves as an access point from the Internet, the Wi-Fi signal is used by them. To log in remotely and your hidden camera anytime, you can utilize your iPhone or smartphone. You can remove the memory card and play the video back on your computer when you return back.

Body Worn

This is a relatively self-explanatory section. The small cameras that you carry or hold to capture video monitoring footage while you’re out and about are Body-worn hidden cameras. We are having cameras that resemble a pen, sunglasses, keychain, necktie, purse, book, etc. There are hardwired, wireless, self-recording all-in-one and 4G wireless just as with normal hidden cameras. Body-worn cameras are just on the range.

Frequently Asked Question

How to make a wireless spy camera?

It can be pretty expensive to buy a Long Range Wireless Spy Camera. However, by making your own Long Range Wireless Spy Camera it’s possible to save some money. You might already have all of the necessary materials in a drawer somewhere, whether you believe it or not.

  • Step 1: Choose a Phone
    Choosing a suitable phone is the first step that you need to do. It is because most of the phones have been provided with video cameras for a few years.
  • Step 2: Modifying the Phone
    You will need to modify the phone if needed. Think about the place you are placing the phone and come up with a way of hiding it.
  • Step 3: Installing Software
    Some security software then needs to be installed on your cell phone. Different pieces of software are available today which can be utilized and installed on your phone.
  • Step 4: Hiding the Phone
    You will then need to hide it somewhere when the phone is ready. Tuck it out of the way so that it doesn’t seem noticeable. 
  • Step 5: Testing the Camera
    You will then need to test it when you have hidden the phone. This will warrant that you are capturing videos of the right area of the room.

How to set up a wireless Long Range Wireless Spy Camera?

    • Step1: 
      You should find a wireless camera that will suit your needs. (Check the list above)
    • Step2:
      If it has its own battery, ensure that it is sufficiently charged or plug the camera into a power source.
    • Step3:
      You must connect the antenna to the wireless receiver and plug the power cable into the back of it and then plug the power supply into a socket.
    • Step4:
      Install the software that came with your kit on your computer by inserting the disc into the CD ROM drive and obeying the instructions.
    • Step5:
      Wireless receivers should then be plugged into your computer’s USB Port. Now you will be able to watch what your camera is watching on your computer.
    • Step6: To record the area that you want to record. By using mounting screws or by using adhesive strips beneath it set the camera up and makes sure to stabilize the camera. To spy on anybody that comes into the room, you are ready now.

How to connect a mini wireless spy camera with a mobile?

Every camera comes with a different setup. The user manual into the box will help you to connect better. In case you are still not able to connect your phone to a spy camera please comment below and I will help you. 

Where to buy a small wireless motion detect spy camera?

Well, there are so many options available into the market but I have mentioned a few motion detection spy cameras for you. D. check the list above and get one for yourself.