Best Mini Action Camera For Skydiving | Buyer's Guide

Best Mini Action Camera For Skydiving | Buyer’s Guide

Being a skydiver and aerial photographer, I click plenty of pictures while all my skydiving jumps, and a high-quality with the help of Camera For Skydiving. However, in some situations, we don’t fancy the idea of jumping with a big camera on our necks. I need to inform you about the 6 best action camera for skydiving that are now accessible on the market with the proper quality I recommend so far in this article.

After experimenting, researching and communicating with friends regarding these cameras, I have faith in me that everyone would be satisfied and comfortable managing each of these camera for skydiving to capture photos but don’t need to skydive with large and heavy full-frame cameras on their necks. Come, have a look.

GoPro HERO6 Black | Best Gopro For Skydiving

HERO6 Black converts your exploration into unimaginable Quick Stories directly on your phone. With its GP1 chip, next-levelGoPro HERO6 Black | Top Rated Action camera video stabilizations and 2x the execution, looking great has never been so simple. Add sound limitation and strong waterproof design, and HERO6 Black is the ideal GoPro for sharing memories just as you experience it.

Quik Stories needs GoPro and Quick mobile support, available for iOS and Android. To build a Quick Story, your HERO6 Black must be linked to the GoPro app.

Your phone model and region must both hold 5GHz. Otherwise, 2.4 GHz is available. Real offload speeds shall differentiate on the basis of environmental circumstances. Offloading media from your GoPro camera for skydiving to your phone does not handle cellular data. The Quick desktop app is expected to attach GPS data overlays to your videos. You can download it from the go pro website.


  • Quick Stories
    Capacitated HERO6 Black gives your video clip to your phone where the app converts it into an excellent edited video automatically.
  • 2x the Performance
    Among 4K60 and 1080p240 video, HERO6 Black gives 2x the display differentiated to HERO5 Black.
  • Awesome Image Quality
    With a GP1 chip set up for GoPro capture, HERO6 Black gives greatly enhanced image condition and supported video clip.
  • Next-Level Stabilizations
    HERO6 Black clicks super steady footage even if it’s held by you or attached to your gear.
  • 3x Faster Offload Speeds
    Highlighting 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can duplicate photos and videos across to your phone quicker than with HERO5 Black.
  • Rugged + Waterproof Durable by design
    HERO6 Black is, without protection waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • GPS
    HERO6 Black clicks your GPS path, speed, elevation gain and more. Attach your stats to your videos automatically in the Quick desktop app.

Sony FDRX3000/W Camcorder | best mini camera for skydiving

The Action Cam reveals sensational fresh prospects with amazing, 4K high quality and constant action. It takes POV action Sony FDRX3000/W Underwater Camcorder | best mini camera for skydivingmovies to a different unique level and clicks your most loyal movements with high-resolution 4K. It also Captures steady images and videos like never earlier using Balanced Optical SteadyShot. We can easily shoot wherever we want with Action Cam real-world strong form.


  • Ultimate image stabilization
    The FDR-X3000 blends splendid 4K resolution with Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization for high-level camera-shake coverage. Unlike digital image stabilization, Balanced Optical SteadyShot is significantly more efficient at decreasing the consequences of camera for skydiving shiver inwardly, the camera’s lens and sensor are combined and run unitedly regulating the whole optical track as one floating system. This high-level stabilization method offers it easier to click splendidly precise, steady images while exploring, bike riding, and in other working circumstances.
  • Able 4K status with ZEISS lens and Exmor R CMOS
    Highlighting a unique ZEISS Tessar lens with consequently less lens twist than preceding models, the FDR-X3000 is also outfitted with a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and an admired BIONZ X processor, guaranteeing that video quality prevails constantly powerful beyond all settings. Including complete pixel readout without pixel trashing the FDR-X3000 presents particularly hi- res and precise colors both in 4K and Full HD videos. The built-in stereo microphone with wind noise decrease decreases the result of wind intrusion.
  • Remote camera control and viewing
    Users are able to run live research and manage the Action Cam with the voluntary Live-View Remote (sold in a kit version: FDR-X3000R) or use Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile application on a smart device4 – fit for both Android and iOS. Both can manage different camera abilities like shooting settings, start/stop recording, power on/off and much more.
  • Tough body endures harsh conditions
    The FDR-X3000 body is both splash and freeze resistant. With the provided Waterproof Housing it’s dust, shock and water-resistant to 197ft / 60m. So whatever activity you are performing, Action Cam presents the real-world rugged design. Including a universal tripod screw mount on the body of the Action Cam its body, and another one on the Waterproof Housing, you can effortlessly connect the camera straight into a tripod.
  • Selectable viewing angle and 3x zoom5
    You can capture tremendous ultra-wide-angle pictures using the ZEISS Tessar lens or pick your viewing point from Wide, Medium or Narrow. Adjusting the point of view also enables us to improve for barrel misuse – general in POV cameras. Besides, flawlessly change up to 3x regular zoom mode, which allows you to convert zooming while shooting. Both way, you’ll regularly be taking gorgeous clicks of the usual challenging activities.
  • 8.3MP Interval record and 4K time-lapse video
    Fix the camera to click astonishing 8.3MP stills over frequent pauses for an extensive period. 8.3MP is increased for 4K (3840×2160) and is able to be utilizes to generate attractive 4K Time-lapse videos. Time-lapse Capture allows you to produce time-lapse movies quickly by applying high-quality 4K still images took at selected breaks. Then Action Cam Movie Creator (v. 5.1 for Windows, v.3.1 for Mac) transforms those pictures into an awesome time-lapse video. The Action Cam App (v. 2.0)12) can also generate Full HD time-lapse movies from those stills.
  • High-Quality stereo sound with wind noise reduction
    It makes a fabulous movie even more satisfying with excellent audio. A built-in stereo mic enables you to catch sounds of your experience in a two-track stereo, normally. Wind noise reduction decreases the result of wind interference on complete audio quality. Sharp sound with lessened noise improves the most advanced movie work you can create. There’s also a suitable mic jack for conditions where an outside mic is necessitated.
  • Built-in GPS – display your Action Cam route
    Built-in GPS tags your videos so as to location tracking and speedometer are being attached to the video file when Action Cam Movie Creator9 is practiced. This also provides GPS Data Overlay on Video to know your speed information and create a different video file that contains your route, speed information, etc.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera | Best Camera For Skydiving

Take a thrilling video with the ultra HD action camera for skydiving lifestyle. Small, less weight, waterproof and easy usage Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera | best camera for skydivingare some of the main features of this camera. The VIRB Ultra 30 takes 4K/30fps video and highlights G-Metrix technology, which adds to the adventure by allowing you to overlay marks and designs with action data.

Built-in image stabilization makes for cool, even video clips. And for more comfortable usage, voice control allows you to begin and end recording or even take a photo with a plain-spoken command as you’re involved in your work.


  • Brilliant clear 4K/30fps video, 1080p/120fps, or slow motion at 720p/240fps
  • Built-in GPS and outside sensors with connection to Garmin devices to click data like speed, altitude, heart rate, and G-force
  • Its 1.75-inch display is simple to work; completely working in and out of the watertight case
  • We are able to Shoot hands-free by utilizing voice instructions to start/stop recording, click a photo or check footage
  • Shoots even footage up to 1080p/60fps

GoPro Fusion – 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera | Top 4k Action Cameras

Fusion shoots spherical video clips and pictures, recording every single thing so you can search the most precise shots soon after. GoPro Fusion - 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera | Top 4k Action CamerasPlay it backward in VR or utilize OverCapture to make popular videos and photos you can give out directly through your phone. With ultra-stable working and 5.2K video, Fusion is like Owning a licensed film team with you anywhere you travel.


  • Spherical Video
    Shoots unbelievable spherical footage of everything nearby you by filling in all directions at once.
  • OverCapture
    OverCapture allows you to construct and strike out the accurate shot from any aspect to produce fabulous footage.
  • Control + Create With the GoPro App
    Utilize your phone for shot research and replay, OverCapture, correcting spherical videos and distribution.
  • Immersive 360 Experience
    Replay spherical footage that delivers all people into the experience along with you.
  • Gimbal-Like Stabilization
    Originate unbelievably stable videos without a flaw.
  • Seamless Video Stitching
    Involve yourself in your VR content without stitch marks occupying in a significant manner.
  • Waterproof
    Fusion is watertight down to 16ft (5m) without protection.
  • Includes Fusion Grip
    The ultra-talented Fusion Grip was specifically created for filming VR at exactly the right angle and extent. The built-in tripod and addition pole help you set up and alter shots on the fly.

Nikon KeyMission 360 | Best Action Sports Camera

Assume being capable to film not just the scene in front of you, but also the whole world nearby you, in each direction, as Nikon KeyMission 360simulated 360° 4K Ultra HD video. You’d be fit to describe tales that give your friends and family the feeling that they were actually there. 

KeyMission 360 offers a unique world of largely immersive 360° projects that can be seen and distributed on a smartphone. Tiny, lightweight, watertight and wearable, it relieves you to catch your storytelling abilities, anywhere they shall deliver you. 


  • Film 4K UHD video and photos in a spherical 360-degree range of view
  • SnapBridge 360/170 with the aid of built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 
  • Water, shock, and freeze-resistant without any protection.


Xiaomi YDXJ01FM Mi 4K Action Camera | Best HD Action Camera

The camera with 7 glass lenses maintains 4K 30fps video recording and the six-axis EIS is more durable for filming. It is Xiaomi YDXJ01FM Mi 4K Action Camera | best action sports camerabeneficial for getting every one of your action significances and holds a diversity of essential characteristics which makes it ideal for whatever activities you wanna do, enabling you to shoot at any time and anyplace.

Handle Mi 4K Action camera for skydiving to record the attraction of daily life. Take 3840×2160 hi-res pictures or film video clips 4K 30fps. The recorded clips are equal to cinema-level features.


  • Vivid Interpretation
    Xiaomi Mi 4K Camera records 4k/30fps, 1080p/100fps, 720p/200fps video, and 8MP raw images with a build-in IMX317 image sensor( 1. 62um/single-pixel point) from Sony and Ambarella chip A12S75; Equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) can capture super-smooth footage at 4k/30fps, to ensure excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.
  • Non-stop Shooting
    Large capability 1450mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery records up to 120mins of 4K/30fps video with a single charge. Without the series, work Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh to power up the camera for skydiving via USB port. High acting cooling method blocks Mi 4K Action Camera of heating and allows stable videotape.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen
    Towards a simplistic framework, previewing and taping it is holding a 960×480 high-resolution with 2. 4” high delicate Liquid Crystal Display touchscreen. The touchscreen is manufactured with Gorilla Glass Retina to withstand scars and daily contact
  • Instant Sharing
    Attached 4. 1 Bluetooth and high-speed 5GHz/2. 4GHz WiFi provider for wireless remote restriction and the Mi Home App for a quick picture and footage editing, sharing and live streaming to social media
  • Advanced Features
    Flexible settings of ISO/WB/SHUTTER/EV/METER for 12MP raw file help you provide amazing qualitative images still in a low-light situation; Various record/capture modes, that include time-lapse, slow-motion, burst, etc, get more productive and enjoyable

Buyer’s Guide For Skydiving Cameras

  • Image Stabilization
    There are 2 chief kinds of stabilization- video and photo stabilization. For action cameras over the budget of 50 dollars, you can relatively securely believe that there is gonna be anti-shake picture stabilization. But the actual problem prevails with the video stabilization as it’s quite extra complicated to deal with because it needs more power to create so.Most videos that you’re going to take will be shaky and unstabilized, regardless of where you’re taking it from unless of course, you have a stabilizer attached to it. Therefore, you’ll need a way to stabilize the bumps and tremors in the video.
  • Wind Noise Reduction:
    When traveling around, from car rides to bikes and even to something as simple such as hiking at your local hill. There would always be wind noise and it gets especially loud when you’re moving fast.Hence to combat this, manufacturers have introduced wind noise reduction which works by having dual stereo microphones at different sides of the camera which work together to differentiate between wind noise and actual sound and using that data, they’ll be able to remove the wind noise.
  • Lens Distortion Correction
    Wide angled shots taken by action cameras creates a more immersive & engaging viewing experience compared to your typical smartphone camera for skydiving but one of the drawbacks of action cameras is that they tend to have a bit of distortion/warp in their shots due to the fisheye lens which is required for creating a wide-angle shot.Hence, to fix this malformation, you’ll have to manually update it utilizing an editing software that can honestly be quite a nuisance particularly when you’re allotting not simply several clips but tens or even hundreds of them.
  • Remote Control Compatible
    If you’re preparing to be left with your action cam and hold it be fixed onto anything, it’ll be deserving preparing a camera that is remote control cooperative as that form, it’ll be way simpler and more comfortable to manage your cam. Rather than that, holding a remote control also offers taking selfies and wefies more joy as you wouldn’t have to use the conventional method of installing a timer, etc to take one.
  • Touchscreen
    Touch Screen capacity on an action camera for skydiving is beneficial to handle as it enables you to conveniently travel around, switch modes and set your settings as you would on your phone. And because of that, I choose action cameras with touchscreen characteristics as they give the user experience and the ‘touch’ of the action camera much more enjoyable. The great discovery is that there are various action camera for skydiving with a touchscreen.
  • Live Streaming
    Live streaming enables you to air live on social media like Youtube or Facebook and if you’re a social addict and appreciate posting on social media, this is for you. However, if you intend on utilizing the live streaming feature, several action cameras I can suggest would be the Yi 4K or GoPro Hero, which are excellent action cams.

Frequently Asked questions

  • what camera should I get for skydiving
    One of the most popular cameras that we see on skydivers is the GoPro cameras. so there are many types of those you all know them but those are great cameras to jump with and usually what you want to make sure is that you have a case those are waterproof.
  • what is best GoPro camera for skydiving
    GoPro HERO6 Black
    GoPro Fusion – 360
  • how do they shoot skydiving on camera
    Use Mounting accessories on skydiving camera helmets to ensure the quality & stable video / Images during sky diving.