Best USB Endoscope Camera

Best USB Endoscope Camera

Best USB Endoscope Camera | Buyer’s Guide

USB Endoscope Camera is mainly used in Endoscopy which is a common term in medicine and is the process to look or see inside a human body. It is a non-surgical process that is mainly performed to assess the digestive tract of a person. The process of endoscopy is practiced using an endoscope. An endoscope is directly inserted into the organ to be assessed, Unlike other medical instruments.

If you are looking forward to investing in an endoscope and want to pick the best then our experts here list the best endoscopes online. Since there are different types and models of endoscopes available, picking the best one can be a daunting task

You can quickly compare the key features in a comparison table before reading our detailed reviews of each that follow. Find out which endoscope we recommend and why.

We’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide for those that are new to these optical devices. We explain the terminology that is used and what features you should be looking out for in a good endoscope.

Depstech camera The Depstech is a Wi-Fi enabled endoscope. It surpasses all the limitations of a conventional endoscope. The device works well with smartphones and Android and is an excellent inspection tool for mobile users. The best thing is that you can connect 3-4 devices to it in order to view live inspection videos or photos.

It is an advanced device that caters well to the dynamic requirements of Android and iPhone devices. The USB Endoscope Camera comes with 6 in-built adjustable LED lights that improve visibility in low-light and dark areas. You can control the light intensity with a brightness control wheel on the main Wi-Fi box.

You can capture videos or photos of up to 1600×1200 pixel resolution. It comes with the superior configuration for comfortable use, in addition to fixed focus. To meet the distinct needs of the users, the semi-rigid cable can bend and retain its shape. The magnetic, hook, and mirror crafted from premium materials offer great utility and is a helpful tool to detect in gloomy ambiance.


  • In One Head, USB & Micro USB Plugs: Windows XP/7/8/10 & Macbook can work with the endoscope via USB connection. For OTG Micro USB Android users like Samsung S3, S4, S5, S7, without an extra adapter, they also can use this unit to observe dark corners and fix hard-to-reach problems.

  • Unique Blue LED Technology & Hi-Vision 2MP CMOS sensor camera: between 1 to 3 inch, capture clear images and quality videos, improve image brightness and clarity in dark conditions, but the unseen world in your palm.

  • Premium Camera Chip: At 30fps, Adopting the second-generation chip, which acquires a great edge over the other products at 10fps on the marketplace, the smoothest video and image.

  • IP67 Waterproof,0.33inch Camera Probe: Easy to explore unreachable or hard-to-see areas

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recently, some illegal sellers are selling DEPSTECH branded products without getting authorization from DEPSTECH. We warmly remind all the customers to pay attention to this and choose the Seller Depstech” who is the real manufacturer and seller of DEPSTECH branded products.

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KinCam USB Endoscope Waterproof Snake Camera

Endoscope Camera With a 5.5mm diameter camera head, 6 adjustable LEDs, 2.0MP CMOS HD camera, the KinCam USB endoscope adopts high-quality material. It captures clear images and quality videos and puts the unseen world in your palm.


  • Powerful Performance: a clear and bright view is supplied by 6 adjustable LED light supplies, it can be suitable for various types of environment, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area etc.

  • High Resolution: Provides a HD adjustable Resolution ( 600×800,1024×768,1280X720 ),Easy to Record high-definition video and Take photos.

  • Multipurpose Use: Waterproof USB Endoscope Camera Armed with a bendable semi-rigid cable widely used for drain, vent pipe, air condition, wind, turbines, aircraft, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, PCB detection, gun tube, narrow probe and 4 additional accessories mirror, can help you solve specific problems.

  • Easy To Use: 3 in 1 USB Borescope can easily connect with Android smartphone /Windows/Mac/PC/Tablet. No need for an extra USB adapter, just download APP and plugging in to use! Note: Not Compatible With iPhone iOS system and Moto phone.

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SnakeCam USB Probe Endoscope Inspection Camera

usb endoscope camera This inspection USB Endoscope Camera has an intuitive function that is easily understood. All you need to do is plug in the USB port on your computer or your smartphone, search “CameraFi” software in Google Store and install it; they sit back and enjoy!


  • Exclusive 3 in 1 function – Compatible with Android Smartphones, Macbook and Windows. Also supports OTG and UVC functions, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, HTC M9, M9+, M8, LG G4 etc.

  • With a small diameter head, IP66 waterproof camera, 6 adjustable LED lights and a flexible cable that makes it easier to navigate tight turns better than a rigid cable. It is able to be rotated 360° to obtain a better angle of view.

  • Easy to use after installing the “CameraFi” app from google store.

  • Including treatment for ear, nose oral & throat, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection, many applications in this USB Endoscope inspection camera.

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DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope HD Inspection Camera

depstech WF050 DEPSTECH WF050 Endoscope is featured with a 5.0MP inspection camera. Shoot HD pictures and videos. For fast and no-delay real-time transmission, WiFi with double antennas. The probe is IP67 waterproof design, which allows you to inspect underwater places. 3-4 hour of working time.


  • Features: With enhanced USB Endoscope Camera 5.0MP, endoscope’s 6 adjustable LEDs will be easy to observe dark environment by reducing exposure and add brightness; Focal distance enlarges to 15.7in from 2.76in

  • USB Endoscope Camera: An upgraded 5.0MP camera lens equipped, and it has an image resolution up to 2592x1944P, representing a fantastic clear image you inspect. There is a camera button on the endoscope. Just one button to take a picture, and it can be saved on your device

  • Semi-Rigid Cable: The borescope can detect the different shape of inspection places such as vertical upward pipes or horizontal holes and it also adopts snake shape cable

  • Attachments: Useful accessories-mirror, magnet, and hook. In hard-to-reach places magnet can get objects easily; Small articles can be picked up by hook.

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DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope | Snake Camera for Android

depstech wireless This newest type Depstech wifi endoscope has surpassed the traditional endoscope using limitations for iPhone users. It can work perfectly with Android 4.2+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphones. Will be the best inspection tool for iPhone users. Besides, the endoscope can support 3-4 devices to be connected simultaneously to view the live inspection photos or videos.

This USB Endoscope Camera is featured with fixed focus, instead of zoom focus. Therefore, in order to get the best image quality, the best observation distance is about 2.76Inch-15.7Inch, if too far or too close, it may both affect the image quality


  • Endoscope that comes with Wide Compatibility: This wireless WiFi endoscope can work with iPhone with iOS 8.0+ system and Android 4.2+ smartphone. Perfect choice for the users of iPhone who want to do inspection work.

  • Has WiFi Connection, Easy Use: Download the compatible App “DEPSTECH” and install on your device. No need for an extra adapter or cable, just connect with your smartphone via WiFi. Then start the App to begin your inspection.

  • HD Inspection USB Endoscope Camera: Borescope of 2.0MP offers you an amazing experience of capturing HD video in clear close range on AVI format and JPG format in an image with resolutions adjustable to 640×480, 1280 x 720 and 1600 x1200.

  • IP67 Waterproof, Probe of 8.4mm Diameter: With 6 LED light that is adjustable and waterproof thin probe, For various types of environment this endoscope is suitable, for an example, dark or low-light area, wet or damp area etc.

  • 11.5FT Snake cable: Armed with bendable semi-rigid cable which can bend and hold it’s shape to access a wide variety of confined places, such as curved holes or pipes. Long cable of 11.5ft can extend to all corners of your home.

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Teslong 2-in-1 USB Waterproof Endoscope

teslong 2in1 This amazing device in our list that makes capturing images very easy. You just have to power on this instrument and you will get high definition video and picture easily. With a 5 inch HD LCD screen, it is very much easy to capture and shoot real-time inspection. There is also a TF card available with this device that lets you store stuff easily.

The USB Endoscope Camera probe lets you capture everything even in the narrowest of space like walls, pipes, ducts, vents, and more. Further, it has a built-in rechargeable 3500mAh lithium battery that ensures the endoscope camera works continuously for 6 hours. It is one of the best endoscopes that is available on the market. It comes with a metal gooseneck of higher quality that flexes better and still retains its shape.

The device is waterproof. Additionally, it comes with various accessories like a Micro-USB Cable, User Manual, and Hard Plastic Case. So, if you wish to conduct high maintenance and repair work with absolute comfort then this endoscope is an ideal choice.


  • Equipped with 2-in-1 USB & Micro USB and Type-C adapters, compatible with the vast majority of Android mobile phones, laptops, and personal computers. Notice: not be compatible with iPhone and some Android mobile phones, please refer to the product description for the detailed information

  • Adopt a 2MP mini HD camera, offers the same quality provided by the professional endoscope. One simple household endoscope, but with the image quality of professional industrial endoscope

  • Just like all other USB Endoscope Camera s, it has 6 high brightenings LED lights, IP67 waterproof. Semi-rigid cable that can be bent and held its shape to access a wide variety of confined places.

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Stylustar USB Endoscope with Type C Inspection Camera

stylustar usb endoscope camera With this endoscope, you can easily view the image on a 3.5-inch QVGA color LCD screen. You don’t have to worry about downloading driver software or smudging the smartphone. It uses superior quality metal gooseneck that is flexible and retains its shape, making it easier for you to view the spaces. The waterproof USB Endoscope Camera and body assure you can easily inspect the water pipeline.

It comes with 6 adjustable LED lights, which are long-lasting and deliver much brighter luminance. It is an economical and excellent device for home inspections, to assess electrical wiring, sewer drainpipes, perform industrial and automotive applications, and more.


  • SUPER HI-VISION- Build-in Pixels of 2 Million CMOS camera, captures snapshot image or video with resolutions of 640×480, 1280×720. Semi-rigid cable of 11.5FT, 360 degrees rotation provided to choose view angel easily and can be easily bent to narrow places

  • UPGRADE DESIGN– Do not support on Samsung A5, HUAWEI P8 and HUAWEI P10 smartphones and also on iPhone and iPad, please check does the OTG supports on phone or UVC before purchasing. Can’t use on 2015 Macbook Pro

  • 3-IN-1 INTERFACE DESIGN – This USB Endoscope Camera acquires Android/Type-C/PC interface 3-in-1 design, with stronger compatibility and a wider range of applications. With a USB adapter and a Type-C adapter, it will also support Personal Computer, Mac and the other new Android Type-C phone

  • PERFECT CONFIGURATION – It is a utility class equipment includes the function of real-time video viewing, recording and capturing picture which is the best tool for inspecting places which are hard-to-reach or hard-to-see, such as repairs of vehicle, sewer inspection/maintenance, an inspection of vent pipe etc.

  • WATERPROOF IP67-When you have to find your treasures or other tiny objects from the bathtubs or pipes with water in the Snake Camera will be a very helpful tool for you. Borescope with the semi-rigid cable, unlike similar USB borescopes with soft cables, the ones with semi-rigid cables can be forwarded to the named place in more easy, such as air conditioners, top of wardrobes, etc.

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Nieeweiy Waterproof 5.5mm USB Endoscope Camera

nieeweiy endoscope camera Now, if you are looking through the best endoscopes that hold excellent compatibility with most of the devices then a semi-rigid flexible wireless endoscope from BlueFire is an ideal choice. It is one of the most advanced products available right now that comes with a Wi-Fi endoscope camera, which supports both Android 4.4 and above and iPhone iOS systems.

The endoscope comes with a semi-rigid cable that is amazing for offering more control of direction to the inspection camera. For this reason, the endoscope can even get easily into small spaces. The HD resolution 2 megapixels camera holds 6 adjustable LED lights and 3 adjustable resolutions enabling to record HD videos and images.

The best part is that the device has its own Wi-Fi signal and a Li-ion rechargeable battery. Hence, you don’t need any external cable or adapter. It is very easy to use this endoscope as it comes with the QR code, which needs to be scanned manually. You can connect the device through Wi-Fi, open the app, and live video and start using it.


  • 3 in 1 Plugs Design: 3 In 1 Convertible USB Design fit for Android, Windows XP/7/8/10 & Macbook can work with the endoscope Camera by USB connection. The otoscope fit for OTG USB Android users like Samsung S3, S4, S5, S7, without an extra adapter, also can use this unit to observe dark corners and fix hard-to-reach problems.

  • 5.5mm Waterproof Camera: The diameter of the USB Endoscope Camera for android is easy to use in the narrow and dark place to find the thing you need. This Otoscope also could use as an inspection camera. It has a high waterproof rating of IP67, which not only is a good otoscope but also have no difficulties in exploring the underwater pipes, inspecting any leaky holes or jammed sinks easy to explore.

  • Multipurpose: Ear cleaning endoscope not only can check the ear canal, but also can check the eardrum, mouth, gums, ear, nose, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair root and other body parts and the borescope is also a good choice for exploring in narrow. It is an essential tool for each family, the otoscope can also be used as en USB Endoscope Camera for checking hard-to-see or hard-to-reach places as long as the cable is long enough for the needs. each classroom, pet hospital etc.

  • 6 Adjustable LED Tech: The inside ear check otoscope ophthalmoscope set and borescope inspection camera will certainly contain darkness and the light will be necessary. With the help of 6 adjustable brightness LEDs, you can capture more realistic images from closer observations.

  • Easy to use: Just plug in your android phone download and install the Android APP or PC software. Open the APP you could use the Otoscope Ear Cleaner to check your ear and exploring. You could use the More tool to help you to use the ear wax removal tool easier.

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Buyers Guide To USB Endoscope Camera

What is an Endoscope?

An endoscope is a flexible tubing with a camera and light connected to it. As a result, it enables doctors or healthcare experts to view the pictures of a person’s digestive tract on a colour monitor. Nowadays, there are advanced endoscopes available which allow health experts to view the internal organs on Android or smartphone. Some of the best quality endoscopes provide wifi connectivity and more other features that make the entire process easier with more efficiency.

How to Choose Best Endoscope Camera

  1. Utility – If you are looking for an endoscope that can be used on a daily basis then one with a semi-rigid cable is an excellent choice. Just endoscopes which are more durable than others, offer a range of customization and are very easy to operate. One of the best things is that these endoscopes are available at an affordable price.

  2. Wireless or Wi-Fi Endoscope – As they do not require any wired connector or cable, Endoscopes with inbuilt Wi-Fi signals are very handy. You can easily connect the endoscope with your home Wi-Fi connection. Even, it can support multiple devices simultaneously. Hence, if you are looking out for a handy solution then there is no better option than a Wi-Fi endoscope.

  3. Resolution – An HD resolution camera is in the best endoscopes. It is because an HD resolution camera allows you to record high-quality videos and capture flawless images.

  4. Storage Card – To ensure that storing important images and videos during an inspection do not become a problem, you must pick an endoscope with a storage card. Once you are able to store the videos and images, it becomes easy to transfer them to your tablets or laptops.

  5. Control – You can work with an endoscope easily and without any problem if you have proper control over the device. Therefore, buy an endoscope that is convenient for you to control and use.

  6. Cable – Another important part of an endoscope is its cable. You must pick an endoscope with a high-quality cable. The cable must be waterproof and ideal for all kinds of environments.

  7. LED Light – If you are buying an endoscope to inspect narrow spaces then pick one with LED lights. With LED lights, it is possible to see a clear image on the device and identify the problem.

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