Best Intraoral Dental Camera

Best Intraoral dental cameras | Buyer’s Guide

Intraoral dental camera are outfitted and come with a disposable sheath that dentists replace for each patient. We love that it can be connected to a monitor for use. The dentist would shift it about in the mouth in order to get different angles.

These cameras are a good technology for diagnosing dental conditions such as cracked teeth, tooth decay, and foreign objects in the mouth. The dentist can show the patients in real-time the problems with his or her tooth. These cameras are highly efficient, and dentists mostly use them during Tooth filling procedures, composite resin filling, tooth inspections, etc. They can also use it to take before and after images of a procedure.

If you are interested in utilizing the latest dental camera technology, this best intraoral dental camera review is for you. Also, if you want to know more about the best intraoral dental cameras, you are the right place. We’ve analyzed the best five in the market today to cut the work down for you. Read and learn more.

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DARYOU dental intra oral camera

 dental intraoral camera reviews

The Daryou Intraoral camera is a super clear top quality brand. It generates crystal clear pictures with a JPEG image format. Moreover, users can integrate this product with image applications such as DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, practice Works, and lots more. 

You can connect it with a computer to use, and that’s all because it doesn’t require any other software. This brand comes with automatic power-off functions which would make your work much easier. It has another accessory which is the footswitch on. You can simply step on the pedal to take and save images to save more time. 

It comes in 20mm length, 5MP sensor, autofocus, Power specification of DC 5V +/- .5V(1.5A) by USB. And a video output of 640*480. With it, images and videos can display for you and your patients to view either through a TV, projector, or a computer. 

The camera is not waterproof, and you must change the sheath for each patient. But while using this camera, avoid wiping it with any chemicals to prevent burn. Also, it can display a blurry image if you didn’t place it properly.


  • Cannot be wiped with a chemical and sheath must be changed for every patient 
  • This brand has an automatic power-off function 
  • Dentists or users can save images after use
  •  To make your job much easier to work with our foot pedal 
  •  It provides adequate illumination for users 
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime technical support by phone, email and Remote log in 
  • Super-wide automatic adjusting-focus lens 
  • It is a low-cost camera 
  • Users can directly connect the camera to the computer through USD

ProDENT Intraoral camera review

 dental camera reviews

ProDent camera works perfectly for dental use, and lots of customers around the world trust it completely. So, if you’re looking for a reliable intraoral dental camera, this brand is your answer. However, This device is not waterproof, and protective sleeves are necessary on it. It can work in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. 

The camera connects to USB 2.0, and its design requires that one person operates it. It comes with 6 LED lamps ad a high quality optically coated autofocus lens and a 70-degree viewing angle. It is compatible with other dental software such as EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, SoftDent, DentiMa, AbleDent, and many others. 

ProDent produces crystal clear quality image; it is simple to use with a plug and play mechanism. You can capture, save them, print out, or email to your dentist or patient. One other notable feature is that it has an auto-adjusting lens and automatic power function.


  • This product is very simple.
  •  It comes with a detailed user manual. 
  • This brand offers automatic power functions. 
  • It comes with imaging software

FocusDent MD740 | Intraoral dental camera

 the best dental intraoral camera

FocusDent is one intraoral camera that comes with plug and plays functionality. It is user-friendly and captures crystal clear images yet it is still very affordable. There is a high-resolution CMOS sensor, and a 6 point bright LED light on this product. These features provide optimal lightening and sharp image quality.

This device is light-weight, easy to hold, and pocket-friendly. The camera is in the right position, and you can operate it with one hand. The FocusDent is compatible with a huge list of dental software application which you can install through USB 2.0 imaging device. Users can see the video image and use the JPEG format to save snapshots in their system. After that, you can import the images into your personal database application.

Some users complain the camera does not have a slot for SD Card. You can save images to your PC and then transfer to SD Card. However, many users are happy with the overall features and claim the camera is easy to use, easy to install and comes with a well-written manual


  • Crystal Clear Picture Quality
  • Via USB port simple and easy Plug & Play installation is possible(Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)
  • It Includes free proprietary Dental Imaging Software which allows us to view, capture, edit, and save the images
  • Fully matched with a large list of current dental software applications, which have the capacity to install and select a standard USB 2.0 imaging device. Please make sure that your existing imaging software supports an external USB camera. The camera is currently not TWAIN-compliant

ProDENT PD760 HD Intraoral Camera

 intraoral camera reviews

One of our top picks is the ProDENT digital intraoral dental camera – it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, available with a one-year all-inclusive warranty. 

A lot of dentists write of configuring it with a foot pedal to capture pictures- mostly because the camera, while higher quality, did not task with their EagleSoft software.

Some dental professionals exclaimed that they were blown away by the quality of the images, especially considering the low price. 

Indeed, it seems that as an alternative of having to spend $3,000 on one of these intraoral dental cameras, there are some top-quality affordable options are available on the market


  • HD image for better communication and education
  • Easy to hold in hand with perfect shape and weight
  • Customized safeguarding sleeves for the perfect image and for the protection camera
  • Seamless integration by “ProDENT CAPTURE” APP to work with different imaging software
  • Phone and remote technical support from Monday to Friday

CARESHINE HK790 USB Intraoral Dental Camera

 best intraoral camera

Obtainable in a full set, this one also contains a magnetic camera holder along with a software CD. The intraoral camera comes with brilliant LEDs and has an automatic white balance for user advantage. It can automatically fill the light that lets you have a convenient time when you use it. The intraoral camera comes with a camera of 5 megapixels, and you can use it in multiple ways. Moreover, the simple USB connection allows you to connect it directly to your computer and see the results on a large screen.

Furthermore, it does not require any drivers to install and comes in an easy to operate design. It also has an open code that is compatible with different types of clinical management software. Additionally, it allows you to make different types of functionality, and it can also record video. With this, you can easily make the customers know their teeth and assist in their dental help. You can easily adjust the focus, and it comes with dual capture buttons.


  • Automatic white balance and fill light, colour temperature filter
  •  Brilliant white 6 LEDs and a system of advanced optical lens 
  • 5.0 Mega Pixels high-resolution Korea sensor
  • The industry leader in optical clarity and image sharpness
  •  More Thoroughly Document Clinical Work

Layopo Wireless WiFi Oral Dental Intraoral Camera

 dental intraoral camera reviews

The many advanced features of this intraoral camera make it a versatile product. This comes with the Wi-Fi function which lets you have real-time observation without any hassle. You can easily connect it with your Android phone or iPhone and know about the entire process. Additionally, it runs with the help of a rechargeable battery and can run for 2 hours continuously. In this, you will find an ultra-small lens that can easily reach the ear canal. Furthermore, it also has adjustable brightness as this comes up with eight LEDs.

This is very functional and can be perfect for any family. It lets you have daily cleaning care and let you see clearly even at a small distance. With it, you can check the different parts of the body, including the throat, scalp root, gum, and nasal cavity. Furthermore, this is very durable and includes waterproof lenses. It will let you take HD images as the camera resolution is 1920 x 1080p. Considering all the features, it is one of the best intraoral cameras to pick from.


  • Advantages: Very-small lens, HD pixels, easy to enter into the ear canal, see more clearly and effectively.Suitable for daily cleaning care. It can also be used for oral cleaning and care of a pet. A must-have tool for every family.
  • WIFI function: The HD intraoral endoscope camera can understand oral tooth cleaning care. Connect the Apple, Android mobile phone and tablet through WiFi connectivity, and in real-time observe the whole process. 
  • USB Rechargeable: The battery can be recharged and used without replacement,2 hours long use time 2 hours fast full.
  • Application range: special focus, at a small distance, seeing more clearly. It is versatile and can be used to check the teeth of the mouth. It can also check the body parts such as gums, throat, nasal cavity and scalp roots.
  • Quality Assurance: If there are any quality problems in our products, please contact us in time, we will solve this problem in the fastest time, and give you a satisfactory answer so that your shopping is worry-free.

Denshine Dental Camera

Denshine dental camera reviews

This is a new dental intraoral camera with high quality and excellent performance and long life. It can run with Windows XP/vista/WIN7. Directly connected to the USB port of your computer Windows-based OS, not for Mac.

High-quality HD USB for windows, pc, IOSDenshine provides more. android dental intraoral camera. Buy OEM Intraoral USB dental cameras from Denshine. For dental tools and dental intraoral camera, online shop store and decentre available.


  • Higher-resolution, sharp images, 6.0MP CMOS USB Dental camera.
  • Simple operation and installation. Equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens.
  • Educate Your Patients About Their Teeth. Build More Trust With Your Patients
  • Six high brightness white LED lamp illumination. Thirty disposable sleeves are provided to avoid cross-contamination by using USB connection, can be connected directly to Computer or Laptop. Compatible with Windows XP /Windows Vista/Windows 7.

Bigens WIFI Dental Intraoral Camera

 intraoral dental camera

This dual-function USB micro-check camera is available at a low cost no compromise intraoral dental camera liked by most of the people looking to escape the high cost of higher-precedential equipment. It can check intraoral teeth, leather,congestion, skin texture, old age acne, pigmentation and other skin problems.

Easy set up and quickly connect to the computer through the USB 2.0. this unit wants to connect with the host computer USB interface of the motherboard based USB 2.0,


  • 1.0 MP WIFI Oral Mouth Endoscope. The oral tooth cleaning care can be realized by the electronic micro-camera. Through wireless WiFi, it connects the iOS, Android smartphone and tablet and observes the whole process in real-time. Within 3 meters WiFi signal is smooth.
  • Extra-small lens, HD pixels, easy and simple to enter the ear canal, more clear to see. Suitable for daily cleaning care. It can also be used for oral cleaning and care of a pet. A must-have tool for every family.
  • special focus, can be seen more clearly by ultra-small distance. Versatile, it can check the teeth of the mouth, but also the gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair roots and other body parts.
  • The battery can be recharged and used without replacement,1 hour-long use time

Buyer’s Guide to Dental Intraoral Camera

Features to take care of Dental Intraoral Camera

  • Image Quality
    Start by deciding what purposes you need to utilise an intraoral camera like the IRIS HD Camera for. For example, in order to increase case acceptance rates, one dental practice may use the camera to present cases to patients while another practice will only be interested in the images for purposes of documentation only. Another dentist might use intraoral cameras to took external images too.
  • Camera Design
    Easy to use should also be at the top of your priority when you are shortlisting intraoral cameras before fixing your selection. All intraoral cameras like the IRIS USB 2.0 Chair Dental Camera are compact and light-weighted. However, you should need to hang a few in your hand and compare how comfortable you would be when using each of those cameras. Select the one that you “feels right” in your hand since you might have to use it dozens of times each and every day.Also, consider how the intraoral camera takes images. Does it have a button that the user pushes to capture an image? Make sure that the button will be easy to use when the camera is oriented in different positions. In other intraoral dental cameras to capture an image, you have to push a small panel. These may be easy to use in case you are turning the camera around into the mouth of the patient in order to capture various images from various angles.
  • Light Source: Most USB intraoral cameras feature LED technology to light your subject. Because LEDs provide more amount than enough light for an intraoral image, this a less crucial attribute to worry about.
  • Software: It is important to know if the software or drivers that come along with the camera will be supported with your existing practice management or imaging software. You may view some of describe their camera as TWAIN-compliant.
  • Macro Mode: The narrow camera means greater comfort for your patient, but the ability to really hone in on problem areas is also vital to carrying out your diagnosis.
  • Wifi and Wireless Intraoral : Cameras can be integrated (built into the chair), direct USB or USB wireless. This seamless technology makes it easy to provide patients with visual information on how to help you, help them take better care of their teeth.Furthermore, having your intraoral camera go wireless means more freedom of movement for you. Get into all the nooks and crannies without having to trail or support a cord away from your patient’s mouth.