Best Alarm Clock Spy Camera

Best Alarm Clock Spy Camera | Buyer’s Guide

Spy cameras in alarm clocks are building in popularity due to how inconspicuous they are. Almost everyone has an alarm clock in their home, so they rarely raise questions. However, it’s important you have a high-quality one rather than a mediocre one. The best spy camera alarm clock ensures the camera does its job while remaining “out of sight”.

We’ve spent hours of extensive research, analyzing numerous spy cameras, and discovered eight top-rated products on the market today. Feel free to examine our top picks as they may help you come to a decision.

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FUVISION Wireless Speaker Covert Camera with Night Vision

 best alarm clock spy camera

FUVISION wireless security camera alarm clock is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can remotely control the camera, stream real-time video or download videos and photos to your smart device, almost anywhere. quickly receive a push notification alert, so you can decide how to respond. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to see every important detail!

This timepiece camera features built-in invisible 940nm IR night-sight sensors that allow the camera to ascertain within the dark, even when all the lights are out. The night vision turns on automatically whenever the lights get low so you’ll never miss a moment of activity.

This compact alarm clock is a WiFi wireless streaming hidden camera, and it connects to your existing WiFi network (just like your laptop or smartphone does). Your WiFi connection is what allows the hidden camera to regulate, view, and stream video from a smartphone anywhere within the world.


  • 1920X1080P Full HD high-quality video resolution
  • Built-in night LED light for seeing up to 30 feet darkly 
  • Built-in wireless stereo music player
  • Motion-activated and continuous video recording
  • Wi-Fi APP view online video anytime and anywhere
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card(not included)
  • Compact table alarm clock with extendable snooze
  • 125-degree wide-angle viewing camera lens
  • Built-in 3200mAh rechargeable battery for 5-6 hours working time

LIZVIE WiFi Hidden Clock Camera

best hidden camera alarm clock

It’s a perfect hidden camera in the real standard clock, nobody will notice and recognize there is a spy camera in your house. With IOTLiving APP, you can know everything at home by watching your cell phone/tablet anywhere anytime while the camera connects to WiFi.


  • 1080P HD Hidden Camera: Perfect clock design to cover the camera inside. exclusive technology makes the hidden security camera completely undetectable, Spy indoor camera that appears a bit like a daily table clock.
  • Motion Detection with Pushing Alert: If the motion is detected, push notification automatically on your phone when motion detection is enabled. and the mini camera is often set to record to your SD card when motion is detected.
  • Auto Night Vision and Loop Recording: Advanced night-sight with built-in infrared LED, you’ll see faces and a few details even during a dark room, the vision distance up to 10 meters. This wireless camera might be monitoring your house security 24/7. The camera supports a memory card up to 128 GB SD memory card (not included).
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Connect the camera with WiFi network, remotely viewing the live video/record video and pictures after downloading IOTLiving App from”Google Play” or “App Store” on your phone/tablet anywhere anytime.
  • Micro SD CARD LOOP RECORDING: You won’t miss any important sense even during you have no time to keep an eye on your phone. The camera supports a memory card up to 128 GB SD memory card (not included).

Facamword Wireless Home Hidden Cam

 best spy camera alarm clock

On the outside, it is your normal multifunctional digital clock, but on the inside, it is packed with something else. No one would suspect that an innocent alarm clock is made to keep an eye on you. The hidden clock camera is equipped with five pieces of invisible infrared lights. 

This allows you to watch your chosen room even within the dark. It also has a very sensitive light sensor that automatically turns on when the room is dark. It is a lot different from the night vision that you have to turn on manually.


  • Wireless Hidden Camera Clock
    The material of spy camera clock adopts good zinc alloy, with better heating diffusion and endurance to make sure the long life. To capture sharper details in outstanding visibility, this hidden camera features a SONY IMX323 image sensor.
  • Record Videos to SD Card without Any Network
    Only insert a MicroSD Card(Not Included) into this spy security camera, next turn it on, next the spy clock will auto continuously record videos to SD card.
  • Live Streaming via Android/IOS App
    When this spy camera finishes network configuration on the app, you can Live stream your videos in high-quality 1080p. You can also download and playback video files of Micro SD cards through the app.
  • Enhanced Night Vision
    5 high-powered invisible infrared led lights are there in this spy clock camera. Compared to similar hidden camera clocks, this nanny camera clock can record clearer videos even darkly. Nobody can notice this spy camera within the darkness.
  • Motion Detection Alarm and Record
    Once a motion is detected, the app will send push alerts to your phone. This nanny camera will also take photos of the app. If you enable motion detection record on SD Card, it will auto take a short video to SD card once the motion is activated.

Wifi Hidden Camera -Spy Camera

 alarm clock with hidden camera

One clock camera could accept up to 8 users to access at the same time, and with one cell phone, users could connect with several cameras also. People around the world could visit it as long as Internet service is available, watching what is happening at their home, store, office and warehouse, keeping their families and pets insight.

Users could open the application and save the video file into their cell phone ( very useful when receiving an altering photo message ) or insert a micro SD card (support up to 128GB )into the WIFI camera and set it as a saving destination. One hour of video taking would produce about 8GB of video files. When there is no more memory left for new files, the oldest ones would be replaced, it would not stop working because of full memory. and you could always login to watch the latest video.

IR cut technology makes sure the real colour of the object would be shown there in the video. Black or green colour would not be shown as purple. The visual angle of 160 degrees covers all the corners in front of the lens of the IP camera, which is pixels and produces HD video.

It is really an ALARM clock, and we prepared an extra small battery inside allowing the camera clock to work well even when there is no power for the lights and cameras. Users could hold the “-” icon button to adjust the brightness to make it easier to read or not too shiny. Mirror surface touch button panel gives it a delicate appearance.


  • Lens Design and 33FT Night Version Ingenious IR Light :
    You can’t find the lens even when you observe the wifi spy clock camera very closely. Making two powerful 850nm IR lights part of the time symbol let night view better than most the similar WIFI cameras. Support 33FT Night Version. It is a good hidden camera for the safety of you and your family!
  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality Clock Camera
    Offers you crystal clear image with its 160-degree visual angle and 2M pixel CMOS. This WIFI hidden camera would show you all the details within the monitoring scene, You can check the FULL HD 1080P video for your house or office through your Android / iPhone
  •  Motion Detection & Alarm Push Surveillance Camera
    An object moving within 25 feet in front of the WIFI spy clock camera could trigger it. Alarm notifications will be pushed to your cell phone. And the spy camera will capture a snapshot for the motion detection and save within the APP.
  • Neat Appearance and Backup Battery
    Touchpad button gives a neat fashion appearance. 3000mah backup battery could support clock camera work for 6 hours when there is no power input. on any video or images, so organizing your data is a breeze. Our mini camcorder is formed adhering to the very best manufacturing standards.

HOSUKU Hidden Spy Camera

 alarm clock with hidden camera

Perfect clock design to cover the camera inside. It makes this hidden camera more useful and not noticeable for the customer who wants to watch their home security. The camera has a Full HD 1080P video image brings you an amazing experience. The key to monitoring your house security once you are away is the high-definition picture and video quality. HOSUKU hidden camera will capture every detail that you simply want to ascertain through the APP.


  • Wi-Fi Streaming Via IOS/ Android APP: This wifi camera wireless hidden cameras in clock might be connected to your home wifi internet network, by this manner, you’ll view the image of your house, kids, pets or elder from regardless of where you’re within the world. You are getting to see everything is occurring through your phone, tablet or computer. This is an excellent IP camera.
  • Motion Detection & Alarm Push &  night-sight Surveillance Camera: This mini surveillance camera timepiece was built-in 12 night-sight IR. When someone comes around your house when you are not there, you will see faces and a few details even in a dark room. Alarm notifications will be pushed to your cell phone as soon as the motion is activated. And the spy camera will capture a snapshot for the motion detection and save within the APP.
  • APP Mini IP Camera Remote Multifunctional Video Recorder: This nanny camera clock has  4x digital zooming HD displays with H.264 compression. It also comes with crystal clear HD 1080P video with 150-degree wide-angle lens. 

Hidden Camera Miota Spy Camera

 alarm clock hidden camera

This MIOTA Hidden Camera Alarm features a contemporary, sleek design with its easy-to-read screen. It’s an alarm clock spy camera with audio that works both ways. 

You can hear what the camera records, but you can also speak through. Once you’re linked into the app, press your phone’s microphone and speak through, and the sound comes from the camera’s speakers. 

Able to capture images in the dark as well, this spy camera features a lens that is well-hidden to the naked eye. You get motion detection as well as alarms sent to your phone. With a WiFi connection, you can Livestream all of your content no matter where you’re at.


    No one will know that there is a camera in the room because of its Perfectly hidden design. Full HD 1080P resolution keeps you well informed of what’s happening in the room with crystal clear Pictures
  • Motion Detection Alarm and Record
    Once a motion is detected, the app will send push alerts to your phone. This nanny camera also will take photos of the app. If you enable motion detection record on SD Card, it will auto take a short video to SD card once the motion is activated.
    Enhanced night-sight with 8 high-power IR led and ICR infrared filter, the vision distance up to 10 meters. within the darkness, nobody can notice this spy camera.
    A dedicated app enables live stream, real-time snapshot & video with connection to your home WiFi (2.4G only, NOT work with 5G network). or Only insert a Micro SD Card(Supports up to 64GB, Not Included)into this spy security camera, next turn it on, next the spy clock will auto continuously record videos to SD card

Simple Hidden Camera Spy Camera

 spy alarm clock with motion detection

No more worry about thieves or bad nannies/caregivers as you can always keep an eye fixed watching and protecting your family with Omples hidden camera, thanks to federal regulations, this camera doesn’t record audio. Support 4G Wifi only, please don’t hook up with the 5G network. Remember to insert a fresh “AA” battery to urge the clock to work.


    Perfectly hidden design, unnoticeable for the ultimately invisible monitoring, nobody will know that there is a camera within the space.
    Full HD 1080P resolution keeps you well informed of what’s happening within the room with crystal clear images.
    24/7 record without WiFi via a Micro SD card (supports up to 32GB, not included) and connects to an influence outlet.
  • CLEAR night-sight
    Built-in 10 powerful infrared LEDs in conjunction with exceptional night-sight technology enables a transparent view of all the movements within the dark.

DreamSky Electronics timepiece Radio for Bedrooms

 hidden camera alarm clock night vision

DreamSky compact radio receivers with dual USB charging ports may be a budget-friendly option that won’t take up much space on your bedside table or desk. it’s compact in size yet with large numerals and is insanely easy to work. 

The big number enhances clear visual experience, making time ultra-easy to read even without glasses. it’s an excellent choice for the varsity year, for office, guest room, bedroom and etc. With the FM frequency, taking note of the radio while reading or doing chores is an immense enjoyment.

This clock must be plugged into a working AC outlet (110-240V) for normal use. A DC adapter is provided. Just in case of a power cut, to avoid resetting hassle, 2AAA batteries are needed to store your time and alarm time setting yet the batteries won’t power the clock nor trigger the alarm.


  • Simple Operate LED Clock Radio:
    For straightforward readability across space, 1.4″ jumbo blue LED digit display with 2 levels dimmer. a Very easy set way even doesn’t require instructions as indicated by Intuitive controls with remarkable function printed. Great for seniors and thus the elderly also as sight-restricted people.
  • Digital FM Radio:
    Easy to tune FM radio channel with 0-15 volume level adjustable. alongside an earphone jack to concentrate on music privately and without disturbing others.
  • Dual USB Charging Ports And Main Powered:
    By dual USB ports with total 1.6A output, charging your cell phone. connect to power the receiving set with the included certified DC adapter. 2* AAA battery (not included) backup needed for storage the settings but not power on the unit just in case of power failure.
  • Sleep Timer And Convenient DST Button:
    Using the programmable sleep timer (10-90 minutes), fall asleep to the radio. 12 Hr system with PM indicator. Extra DST function will save time without resetting spring and fall time. Press the DST button till the DST indicator lights up, the hour will proceed 1 hour, light off-hour will go backward 1 hour, simple as that.
  • Loud Adjustable Alarms With Snooze:
    Via radios on your preference, wake up to buzzer or music. The alarm sound will begin faintly then increase within 5 seconds to the chosen level.  Without turning off or using snooze, the alarm will sound for 9 minutes . 8 minutes interval snoozes are often repeated in one hour. 90 days a refund & 300 and sixty-five days free replacement.

DreamSky Decent timepiece Radio

 hidden camera alarm clock with audio

There is always something that brings back those best memories in your life. Take a cup of coffee in your hand, activate the radio, life has never been that wonderful! Choose a station from 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz as you would like and hear your favorite FM station . This receiving set uses a high quality and high-performance speaker, ensuring your best listening experience. The radio volume is L0 to L15 adjustable.

Not only the time and alarm time, the large clear LCD screen delivers but also the indoor temperature, with nice blue illuminated jumbo digits. No squinting to read the time, even without your glasses. 12/24H time format adjustable.

There are two USB ports at the rear of the clock. The USB IN port serves the aim of powering the clock. an additional USB OUT Port is often wont to charge your Cell Phones, Tablets or other USB devices at your bedside while sleeping.


  • Elegant Digital timepiece with Full Range Dimmer for Bedroom:
    4 Inches large LCD screen with eye easy catch blue number display, time and content are easy to read at a look. 100%-0% completely adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing.
  • Digital FM Radio ONLY with Sleep Timer:
    With 0-15 level volume adjustability, Easy tuning in FM radio channel. Speaker is loud and clear. Benefit sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep to the radio by presenting the radio to play for a specific amount of time (10-120 minutes optional).
  • USB Charging Port:
    The extra USB port allows you to charge your smartphone, iPad or another smart device without a connecting wall, a handy, convenient and arranged bedroom timepiece radio.
  • Adjustable Alarm Sound and Snooze:
    Both alarm source volume is often adjusted to your comfort level. (buzzer : 3 levels, radio: 1-15 level). The alarm increases to its max within 5 seconds after it begins to sound faint. 8 minutes interval snooze is often repeated in one hour until turning off.
  • Main Powered with Battery Backup:
    Plugin any wall outlet to power the radio receiver with the included DC adapter (adapter wire length: 76 inches). 3* AAA battery (not included) backup needed to keep the clock working for a brief time during electrical power failures.

Buyer’s Guide Alarm Clock Spy Camera

Factors to think about When Buying Hidden Camera timepiece 

Even with the above recommendations, you still may find yourself at a loss on which alarm clock with a spy camera is best for you. Beyond understanding the legalities behind these types of cameras, there are a number of different features to address that may help in your decision.

  • Image Quality 

This may be one of the more important decision-making factors. Since you want to know what’s happening in your home when you’re not there, it stands to reason that the image should be clear enough. Usually, top-quality cameras offer 1080P HD recordings so everything is clear and detailed.

  • Concealed Rating 

Perhaps just as vital as the image quality is how well-concealed the camera actually is. You don’t want anyone readily detecting your camera, so it helps that your spy alarm clock of choice features a lens that isn’t readily noticed.

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